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Product description

New flagship of the Mivardi brand. This precisely manufactured reel will satisfy even the uncompromising demands of the advanced carp specialist. A number of used technologies and components are completely unusual in the price category and can be found only with this Mivardi brand. Key features of this model include a full-titanium main axis, which is extremely resistant to deformation and contributes to achieving a low weight. The weight is also reduced by a very powerful carbon braking system. It comes together with the quick adjustment system. Within half a turn of the drag knob with the original Mivardi design, you can control the entire working range of the brake. Another key feature is the super slow oscillation system with a perfectly accurate line laying. This ensures an accurate winding, which consequently contributes to prolonging the casting distance. The use of ten shielded stainless bearings guarantees complete smooth running. Together with the heavy duty gear they help to easily retrieve heavy loads even from large distances. The large spool diameter helps with casting at extreme distances and it helps to achieve the long spooling distance in one turn. This reel comes with two CNC machined spools (sizes 8000 and 10000), but there is also a special spool with extreme capacity (size 12000) available separately.

  • 9+1 shielded stainless steel ball bearings
  • Super slow oscillation
  • Precise line lay
  • High strength graphite body
  • Titanium main shaft
  • Carbon drag system
  • Heavy duty worm shaft system
  • Fast adjustment drag system (F.A.C.D.)
  • Spare aluminium spool


620m/0,25mm 480m/0,30mm 360m/0,35mm
950m/0,30mm 780m/0,35mm 610m/0,40mm (not included - can be bought separately)
980m/0,25mm 800m/0,30mm 620m/0,35mm
Note News 2018
number of pieces in package 2 (reel + spare spool)
Weight 650 g
Size 8000 / 10000
Ball bearings 9+1
Gear ratio 4,3:1
Spare spool 1 metal, size 10000
Technology F.A.C.D - Fast Adjustment Drag System

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