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1.Spike Holder For Umbrella 3,90 EUR
2.Screw Holder For Umbrella 5,80 EUR
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Spike Holder For Umbrella

Spike Holder For Umbrella

A robust metal holder designed to erect your umbrella when the ground is hard and dry, includes two…

Price: 3,90 EUR

In stock: NO

Stainless steel pole for umbrella

Stainless steel pole for umbrella

A heavy duty umbrella pole manufactured from stainless steel. Length 120 cm.

Price: 15,90 EUR

In stock: NO (Available from: 24.09.2017)

Screw Holder For Umbrella

Screw Holder For Umbrella

A solid metal umbrella holder with a spike that can be easily screwed into hard ground .

Price: 5,80 EUR

In stock: YES > 5 pcs



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