Rapid Baits

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Within the RAPID carp baits family, you will find the full MIVARDI range of readymade boilies, pop ups, pellets, attractors and liquids. Our ongoing programme of development and testing, using both our own team, plus feedback from customers Europe‑wide, means the effectiveness of our baits is on the cutting edge at all times. We are proud to say, all of our Bass are produced in our own production plant so quality control is 100% assured. PLUS, here at MIVARDI, we have developed our own, unique stabilisation process utilising our R‑FACTOR additive, which ensures a very long shelf life, without the need for preservatives. R‑FACTOR is used Gross our complete ranges of boilies, pop ups and pastes. MIVARDI RAPID production is absolutely unique!


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Rapid Natural Concept is made with new production technology and equipment, which is one of the best in Europe. It allows us to produce boilies with the same parameters, structure and operation as you will get from home-made manual production. The new production is not limited by the roughness of the components and allows the addition of real fruit, liver and other fresh ingredients. Of course, fresh eggs are used in all produced boilies. Preservation and stabilization is built to the maximum with natural substances and does not cause a change in the flavor or taste of the baits. You can recognize the new generation, not only by the complementary Natural Concept logo on the bag, but also by the interesting "more natural" surface of the boilies. They are now heavier, denser and have a more accurate diameter and shape. Just like careful home production. This means a significantly longer range and higher accuracy when using a throwing stick. Last but not least, you will notice a much higher stamina life while the ball is in the water.


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Extremely high buoyancy, they can stay in the water for several days without losing colour or buoyancy. They are made by us, at the Mivardi production plant in the Czech Republic. The attractors and flavours are added into the mix for long term flavour release, unlike other pop us on the market that are made neutral and simply sprayed with flavour.


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All products are regularly tested by our team of specialists on domestic and foreign grounds! We also achieve success in international carp competitions.


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