Hot Summer - Jan Prchlík - MIVARDI CZ

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And here it is again. Summer. The part of the year that many are looking forward to, but there are also those who do not need this period. I clearly belong to the second group mentioned for several reasons. The first is that I absolutely hate the hot weather and the second fact is that the water areas are attacked by so many people that you will hardly be looking for peace for caproles. But even so, I decided on a few summer events and tried to choose places so that I could find a little peace.


A blessing in disguise – MIVARDI CZ – Tomáš Kos

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After a long time I went fishing. My wife also accompanied me on the fishing trip. We spent 4 days on the river bank. We used Natural Concept boilies for 3 rods and Pop-up boilies and PVA for the fourth rod. The only fish of the trip was grasscarp. But it was great, because it was my biggest grasscarp in life. He bite on Pop-Up. For MIVARDI Tomas Kos


Few hours - Michal Novotný – MIVARDI CZ

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I had about 6 hours of hunting ahead of me. I chose Carp Goulash and Sea boilies for the hunt. I fed about a kilo of boilies and placed these boilies under the hook. I put everything in the paste. The result was a beautiful scale carp. Have fun. For Mivardi, Michal Novotný


G50 FC - Jan Prchlík - MIVARDI CZ - new photos

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A version of Mivardi's flagship carp rods. After two years of strenuous development, we introduce a rod that breaks all the boundaries of its class and ranks among the absolute top in the market. Extremely powerful first-generation blank is now lighter, but it offers even greater dynamics and 30% higher shock resistance. All versions of the rod have gone through a thorough tuning of blank, test curves, and balancing. The emphasis is still on extreme performance when casting and at the same time on serious function of the blank when playing the fish.


In the branches of a willow - Jan Prchlík - MIVARDI CZ

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We have probably definitely had the hot days this year and we need to think about where to direct the autumn steps. The decision was not so complicated for me, so somehow I knew that one of the places where I took a few short walks in the hot summer would be one where I would like to stay for at least three days at a time. A bit untraditional place in terms of space on the shore, gave a chance for undisturbed fishing and a good result. I caught fish here in the summer, so why should it be any different now, but we know carp, right?


Shocker Tapered Leader – new photos – Eliška Havelková

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Special, high-abrasion-resistant shock leader. It is supple, almost invisible and sinks well. It takes the load of casting well by distributing the shock throughout the leader. The small knot on the thin end of the shock leader glides smoothly and easily through the guides and significantly prolongs the casting distance.


Spinn bag Executive Pro S - PHOTO - Tomáš Bohm

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A spacious bag for lures and accessories that are required for spinning sessions. The bag is supplied with five large lure boxes. The extra large pocket in the top cover and the three lateral pockets help for storage of your accessories. A well padded shoulder strap allows a comfortable transport.


On the edge of his possibilities – Bobrman - MIVARDI CZ

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One of the best expeditions last season! I have already described the first visit to Pálava in one of last year's issues, but the second one was incredibly demanding and very successful. It all started with a beautiful sunny day. Loading the ship was a cool thing. Until it seemed weird with Michal, two days old prediction. Well, it is good to enjoy. Traditionally we have such a relaxing day on the first day, due to the tactics we choose, we are successful only the next days, and especially the beginning full of preparations is demanding also physically.


Jan Jílek – MIVARDI PROMO CZ – Good start!

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It was a four day adventure that took place in a near lake. My two friends were already waiting for me there. It was my first time fishing in this location, so I had to vary my technique based on the information and knowledge of others, that were proven to work. I was fishing near the edge, there was a lot of snags at the spot I was fishing at, so I had to overthrow it otherwise I would stand no chance of catching anything.



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