Prchlajz is rushing again...

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Hello to everybody! After the first successful walk I arrived at the crime scene the next day. Since she was quite successful, before I went to work, I fed a decent amount of boilie. As soon as I unpacked, I saw a lot of good fish activity and rushed to get the rods out...


Deni and her catfish ...

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It so happens that I jumped on the lake for a day, with the intention of catching carp.


David DejvL Lužný - Autumn fishing

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After the final ceremony at the famous Czech carp fishing competition Katlov 2016 I took a week off from my job and decided to stay here and spend another seven days at this beautiful venue. Despite the fact that my fishing colleagues and myself did not have much luck in that competition, I was full of hope that the fish would now become more active and finally start feeding before the onset of winter.


Carp fishing in big lake

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My other half and myself decided on spending seven days on a glacier, a beautifull and picturesque lake with an area of almost 68 hectares and a depth of up to 25 meters at the deepest point, I assumed - it has to end well.


28 kg autumn carp with Robin!

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In the first week of September I fished in a lake I call Igelsee , I named it Igelsee because of the hundreds of Igels ( Hedgehogs ) that live around the see that can be seen at nightfall in search of food.


Spring Carpfishing in Austria

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At the beginning of April 2015 I had a weeks visit planned at Fzz See in Lebring Austria. I had reserved place one due to the success I had in previous years in early Spring on this peg. For this trip I was lucky enough to be testing the New Crazy liver Boilies from Mivardi. These Boilies are a new unique blend of fresh pork liver , powder and liquid liver concentrates and other proprietary ingredients.


September on Aldrian Lake

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In September of this year I planned a 1 week trip to the Giant 45 Hectare Aldrian lake at Fzz in Lebring Austria. The lake is renowned as being hard and had so far proved a hard but for me to crack in 2015. I reserved place eleven due to its proximity to and Island that is a known fish producing area.


About Mivardi Brand

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MIVARDI is the biggest fishing tackle brand from the Czech Republic and an important brand in the central European region. In the M-CARP product selection we offer the tackle for uncompromising carp anglers. The main part of our production is focused on the hobby fishing, feeder, match fishing and spinning.


Spring carps with Robin

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In May of this year I decided to fish Fzz see in Lebring Austria. Upon arrival it was found that the fish were becoming hard to capture and perhaps were in the ritual of spawning. The fish that were being caught were all small fish circa 2 to 8 kg indicating that it was a good assumption the larger fish were pretty occupied with spawning . I had place 4, the only place that was empty for the week. Early on in the week I lost a small fish at the net and lost two other fish at range. I tried various methods during the week to entice the fish including , floating baits , zigs but nothing was enticing the fish to feed.



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