September on Aldrian Lake

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In September of this year I planned a 1 week trip to the Giant 45 Hectare Aldrian lake at Fzz in Lebring Austria. The lake is renowned as being hard and had so far proved a hard but for me to crack in 2015. I reserved place eleven due to its proximity to and Island that is a known fish producing area.


About Mivardi Brand

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MIVARDI is the biggest fishing tackle brand from the Czech Republic and an important brand in the central European region. In the M-CARP product selection we offer the tackle for uncompromising carp anglers. The main part of our production is focused on the hobby fishing, feeder, match fishing and spinning.


Spring carps with Robin

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In May of this year I decided to fish Fzz see in Lebring Austria. Upon arrival it was found that the fish were becoming hard to capture and perhaps were in the ritual of spawning. The fish that were being caught were all small fish circa 2 to 8 kg indicating that it was a good assumption the larger fish were pretty occupied with spawning . I had place 4, the only place that was empty for the week. Early on in the week I lost a small fish at the net and lost two other fish at range. I tried various methods during the week to entice the fish including , floating baits , zigs but nothing was enticing the fish to feed.


Mivardi Rapid Baits

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New series of the carp baits and groundbaits MIVARDI RAPID consist of the readymade boilies, pellets, boilie mixes and many liquids, dips and other additives necessary for your fi shing success. These baits come from the well known and proven products of the Carp Devil Baits brand (CDB) that became a part of MIVARDI brand from the season 2012. The most popular products as the Carp goulash, Cherry, Squid as well as the famous pellets are still available and they keep their original recipes.



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The top level fishing tackle made for enthusiastic and demanding carp anglers. These words shortly characterize the MIVARDI products marked with the symbol M-CARP. These products were developed with emphasize on the top quality of used materials, a reliable function, a perfect manufacturing quality and the long lifespan.



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