Dawn over a small sandpit I. - Radek Šimák and Pavel „Bobrman“ Vohralík

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The water is still quite cold, but the temperatures outside are slowly but surely rising and the nature around us is starting to wake up. By mutual agreement, we went on Saturday morning for a few hours to ventilate the rods, but mainly to enjoy the atmosphere and with a cup of good coffee to talk in peace about the fishing, which we both love so much.


Dominik Havlina - Rapid Champion - MIVARDI CZ

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This season, I thoroughly tested all three types of boilies from the RAPID Champion Platinum series in various sizes, running and still waters. From Liver, which I used mainly at a time when the fish were careful, through B17 in moments when I had to select and I had a high percentage of bites from smaller carp. Only after using SEA, which is a regular and especially in the warm season, it completely excels. Each of the products of our top line of RAPID boilies can be completely trusted, it is attractive with high resistance to white fish attack.


RAPID boilies EXCELLENT - Detailed view - Bobrman

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Rapid Natural Concept is made with new production technology and equipment, which is one of the best in Europe. It allows us to produce boilies with the same parameters, structure and operation as you will get from home-made manual production. The new production is not limited by the roughness of the components and allows the addition of real fruit, liver and other fresh ingredients. Of course, fresh eggs are used in all produced boilies. Preservation and stabilization is built to the maximum with natural substances and does not cause a change in the flavor or taste of the baits.


At the right time in the right place - Jan Prchlík - MIVARDI CZ

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The start of this season was a little different for me than usual. At the beginning of March, I went for shorter walks, but I did not do as well as I would have liked. Eventually, health problems were added and it was carp. I had my first caproaction with a better result in the first week of April, and it was more successful than expected. The weather, which was prospectively available, was not entirely ideal and the only thing that played a bit into the cards was the moon in the phase just before the full moon.


Anti-tangle – NEW PHOTOS – Eliška Havelková

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ANTI-TANGLE SLEEVE SOFT 40 mm : Soft anti-tangle sleeves 40 mm long. Perfect for the use with Mivardi quick change swivels. ANTI-TANGLE SLEEVE SEMI-STIFF 58 mm : Semi stiff and long anti-tangle sleeves. Stiff and long enough to keep the hookling away from the lead, clip or swivel even when casting at the long distance.


The wait paid off - Lukáš Nedělka - MIVARDI CZ 20+

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My expedition is getting shorter and four days, when it's raining continuously and my place in front of the bivvy is slowly turning into a mud bath after many shots from smaller fish, it's not exactly what everyone would take fisherman. But the fishing activity was so great that it completely compensated me with the number of shots. Regular four-day re-feeding of the Red Halibut fishing spot with Carp goulash pellets and boilie balls has made it a perfect fishing spot where a large number of fish have gathered and I have no choice but to gradually try to catch up to the larger individuals.


The float again - Lukáš Nedělka - MIVARDI CZ - 20+

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My expedition, which I undertook, was to take place in the hunt for a large and heavy grass carp, which is my fulfillment of another fishing dream. But you know it. You want grass carp and how carp will run into the feeding area. But this carp was with a big K! My feeding place, which I regularly fed a lot of corn, canola, Turbopellets and also a relatively large amount of carp goulash boilies, to which a lot earlier I used to catch a lot of grass carp on other water during matches, was a place visited by carp of smaller weight categories.


Hot Summer - Jan Prchlík - MIVARDI CZ

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And here it is again. Summer. The part of the year that many are looking forward to, but there are also those who do not need this period. I clearly belong to the second group mentioned for several reasons. The first is that I absolutely hate the hot weather and the second fact is that the water areas are attacked by so many people that you will hardly be looking for peace for caproles. But even so, I decided on a few summer events and tried to choose places so that I could find a little peace.


A blessing in disguise – MIVARDI CZ – Tomáš Kos

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After a long time I went fishing. My wife also accompanied me on the fishing trip. We spent 4 days on the river bank. We used Natural Concept boilies for 3 rods and Pop-up boilies and PVA for the fourth rod. The only fish of the trip was grasscarp. But it was great, because it was my biggest grasscarp in life. He bite on Pop-Up. For MIVARDI Tomas Kos



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