Mariusz Sadowski - MIVARDI POLSKA 2 x 20+

28. 10. 18 | Category: Other | Number of comments (0)

After the summer break, it was time to start a few larger water experiences, take a few pounds of boilies and start slowly thinking about autumn. Just short and spontaneous walks, not different. I only have two hours.



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I also got to water after working stress! For the last few weeks I had little time for my hobby, but this weekend was the time to spend a few hours of silence at the gravel lake. I started off early in the morning.


Bobrman - MIVARDI CZECH REPUBLIC - Really beautiful box ...

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I have not loved the fish for a long time, somehow it stopped me talking, but this fish was really a monster. The fight was also very nutritious, in the end, because I had to go into the water and the end of the fight it was not clear who is wetter me or fish. He did not mind the carp, he breathed a moment after placing on the mat and I changed into dry clothes.


MIVARDI UK - Rod Jordan & Steve Lewis

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Managed to get back to the farm pond as the weather broke and temperatures plummeted. Chuffed with one of the original ornamental ghosties as well as a double take at 2.45am that resulted in probably the largest fish in the lake at 20lb 4oz.



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Last weekend I spent 36 hours in the C&R, Cihelny "sports lake". I hunted in position 5. Lake has classical 12 fishing positions. There were two of my friends who have many years of experience with this water, Ivo Kosic and Mijo Jijan.


Olivier and Kalou - MIVARDI FRANCE - the story of a rescued carp

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This carp, the first image they saved from the branches of sunken Olivier and Kalou from MIVARDI FRANCE, got a new chance. Carpathian, so catch and let's not just about catching on our hook. The great story that caught me in the mail had another, very funny sequel to this pair. It is really worth seeing the photo documentation. Oliver and Kalou were rewarded.


In the footsteps of the amura - Tomáš Kos

03. 09. 18 | Category: Other | Number of comments (0)

I saw an increased amorphous occurrence in the carp fishing trip, which I was about to target only once and soon the other rod. But I would first describe a few interesting things.


MIVARDI POLSKA - Michal Swaczyna...

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Sometimes it really needs to be refined, especially when the fish do not cooperate, invent something new, change the bait.


Prchlajz is rushing again...

20. 08. 18 | Category: Other | Number of comments (0)

Hello to everybody! After the first successful walk I arrived at the crime scene the next day. Since she was quite successful, before I went to work, I fed a decent amount of boilie. As soon as I unpacked, I saw a lot of good fish activity and rushed to get the rods out...



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