KaLou Apostin - MIVARDI FRANCE - the first fish of the season!

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How best to start the 2019 season showed us one of our colleagues from far France! They chose a special bait for us, in the form of a balanced "hamburger", with a pellet in the middle and pop on both sides, but the queen had a taste, so he enjoyed a nutritious duel he did not even describe in his message. the bait used very effective RAPID EASY CATCH pellets with a pineapple flavor, such a fish would like to catch every one of us and there is no choice but to wish you all successful hunting with RAPID!


Jakub Belza and Týnka Hejna - MIVARDI CZ - autumn river!

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At the beginning of autumn, we focused on two stretches of middle river Elbe. These were short walks for a day or a few hours after work. We made a few places we did not prepare in advance. We tried to find the fish and not wait for us to catch up. We had enough bait for a few spots. For this purpose, we used the highest range of boilies Rapid Champions Platinum, namely Devil Squid and B17


MIVARDI lines - CARBON FEEDER - great solution

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A premium level line for feeder fishing specialists. Characterized by high abrasion resistance of the fluorocarbon and the high tensile strength in low diameters. A dark colour line allows for simplified marking of the line to indicate the casting distance.


Mivardi POLSKA - PAULINA - Beautiful pineapple catches

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Beautiful woman and beautiful catches! The MIVARDI POLSKA team was really successful this year! It's no coincidence, with our neighbours, our boilies have a growing base of users, fishermen, big carp hunters. I have published Paulina this year and introduced you to the fishermen.


Deni Safarova - MIVARDI ČR - Autumn hunting

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When that beautiful autumn came, my favourite season of the year, I set out for new water, where I have not caught yet. I chose a place to throw a feed mixture. The first two days of capture were unimportant. But then the fish began to appear in my feed compartment and I eventually captured it. In terms of size, no large ones were caught.


David Luzny - MIVARDI CR - Ronnie rig This season ...

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I decided to hunt more often on pop up baits, because in the past I did not really manage to do so. I can recommend hunting this way at a time when the fish are lethargic and do not seem too interested in food or in the early spring or late autumn in cold water using PVA, either with a PVA bag or a PVA mesh. Here is the space for an individual presentation regarding the bait in PVA.


Great combination of baits - Jan Prchlík - consultant MIVARDI

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Favorite combination: Rapid Hard Balls Champion Platinum B17 + Rapid Boilies Mix Chapmion Platim SEA. These specially hardened hook baits are based on the same mixes as our standard boilies but designed to stay hard for a much longer period in the water, particularly useful when they are lots of nuisance fish around.


Bobrman - MIVARDI ČR - Activity in fishing

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I’ve not been happy for a long time, no matter whether day or night fishing. I'm glad, in a couple of waters with non-stop fishing, it's a big shift. But how to be successful? What am I looking for hunting? I have friends who prefer to fish big and adjust the distance of the bait from the hook to the almost maximum, or the hardness (resistance) boilies, but I like the more actionable way of hunting.


MIVARDI CR - Ondra Pokorny - "Hardballska" on the sandpit

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Almost three months after I was unsuccessful, I decided to cross the Elbe river to the surrounding sandpits. The first event was directed at the sandpit connected with Lab, where I hoped they could fish. As usual, the day before, mapping and baiting took place. The place was quiet and the bottom a bit ragged. The feed that was used consisted of 3kg of the Monster Crab.



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