Bobrman - MIVARDI ČR - Activity in fishing

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I’ve not been happy for a long time, no matter whether day or night fishing. I'm glad, in a couple of waters with non-stop fishing, it's a big shift. But how to be successful? What am I looking for hunting? I have friends who prefer to fish big and adjust the distance of the bait from the hook to the almost maximum, or the hardness (resistance) boilies, but I like the more actionable way of hunting.


MIVARDI CR - Ondra Pokorny - "Hardballska" on the sandpit

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Almost three months after I was unsuccessful, I decided to cross the Elbe river to the surrounding sandpits. The first event was directed at the sandpit connected with Lab, where I hoped they could fish. As usual, the day before, mapping and baiting took place. The place was quiet and the bottom a bit ragged. The feed that was used consisted of 3kg of the Monster Crab.


Landing net Executive MK2 100 x 100 cm + landing net handle - our tip - photo documentation

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High-quality landing net with a robust construction and fish friendly quick-drying mesh. The milling center block and the stainless steel spigot joints of the arms guarantee uncompromising quality and durability. This landing net surpasses the excellent stiffness of the carbon arms and the two-section reinforced carbon handle. All this while maintaining a low weight.


Bivvy light Professional RC - Christmas 2018 - our tip...!

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An extremely handy and powerful hanging style bivvy light, powered by built in lithium batteries, with a maximum output 1.5 W and a maximum brightness of 150 lm. There are several lighting modes in both white and red, all accessed via the remote control.


MIVARDI - Carp & Cat Expo Wallau - Deutschland

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A very successful presentation of MIVARDI, the exhibition was visited by an estimated 5,000 fishermen over the weekend and the MIVARDI stand was in constant siege! About our products was a huge interest !!! Customers have pointed out in particular that the price / quality ratio is incredible and still viewed, discussed, questioned and tested!


Míša Nedělková - MIVARDI ČR - summer short tour

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Temperatures that last days are not ideal for carp fishing. In spite of that, we went out with a friend on a long weekend to the water. We chose the shallow part where the location of the carp was here and there. We took it as a relaxing weekend after long business days.


Celine - Mivardi France - introducing our colleague!

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Dear friends and colleagues, I would like to introduce to you a very interesting lady who is now part of the MIVARDI family. Her name is Celine and she is from the MIVARDI FRANCE team. I am interested not only in fishing methods, but also in the ways of feeding, but also by presenting it on the facebook social network. It's really a big boost for our MIVARDI team. I asked her for a few questions to introduce us! Bobrman


Radim Hanák - Mivardi ČR - six days on the lake

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On the second week of September, I was fishing a six-day trip for carp on one lake in Bohemia, where I had never fished before. After finding out all the necessary information I set off with my partner.


Mariusz Sadowski - MIVARDI POLSKA 2 x 20+

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After the summer break, it was time to start a few larger water experiences, take a few pounds of boilies and start slowly thinking about autumn. Just short and spontaneous walks, not different. I only have two hours.



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