Unwelcome weather - Ondra Pokorny - MIVARDI CZ

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As far as the expedition is concerned, the weather did not play much in the cards and I got the water for a minimum time. When it finally seemed that I was going to spend more time at the water, I wasn't going to leave anything to chance and I was going to feed the place in advance. The feed dose I used consists of two pounds of boilie, Monster Crab / Crazy Liver. Unfortunately, because of bad weather the fish did not react at all and I was glad for every bite. In the two days I spent by the water, I did only two bites, but the fish were worth it. I hope the next time the weather gets better and for me there will be better fishing time. So sometimes again, For Mivardi team Ondra Pokorný


MIVARDI CZ - Bobrman - Fish of my life - carp 30+ part. III.

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My son is already fishing with me and we are enjoying the last trips of the week before going to school and only relying on weekends. This event is different, for peace. We enjoy fishing for pearl and perch. A friend of Jára Bárta arrives, his son has already caught this fish. But she's not our target today, just a hunt. I will make the whole carp fishing strategy a trip with my son, quite differently than I would normally do! So I have the greatest amount of time on it. We really enjoy life by the water. It's morning and the sun shines, suddenly and very intensely. Careful shot. However, the fish will make an incredible manoeuvre, and as a tank, they will set off perpendicularly to the deeper part of the district. It's like pulling a panel out of the water…


Pavel Bobrman Vohralík – MIVARDI CZ - SEA

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Spring was different this year, maybe unusually long, but that's ideal for me. Perfect start position for NATURAL CONCEPT RAPID - SEA. Even the first walks with the G50 MK2 rods in two versions, both "cork" and "classic" in three pounds. This walk was specific, rain basically from arrival, to finish. Just a few tens of minutes during the day when it didn't rain. But a beautiful fish came when I was packing. The summer start day after . Top 3 this year! I wish you a successful fishing with new RAPID boilies! Bobrman


New challenge named dam - Tomáš Lyčka - MIVARDI CZ

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The first walk on the new and very heavy water is behind me. I managed to make two bite of it, I only managed to overcome one fish and I had to go to the water for her to get her out of the sling. The other fish I did not turn was directly directed to the fallen trees in the water and cut out. The site was prepared for a long time with the Natural Concept SEA boilies of 20 and 24mm in diameter. One bite came at 2x24mm SEA, but I lost this fish. The second successful conquered carp with first swim in this year came for one 24mm Crazy Liver. I look forward to the next weekend, when I will return to this water and wait with great expectation for another succesfull fish. I wish all fishermen beautiful moments by the water. For Mivardi Tom Lycud


MIVARDI CZ - Bobrman - Fish of my life - carp 30+ part. II.

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I was really happy, great and what was my biggest mistake, I posted the fish, shared it with my friends. It was how shocking it was on my FB, and my friends and colleagues, which I recognized, shocked me. There is no such fish! That was the message of the wise. After two days I would rather say that I had a bad weight. The first time I caught this fish I lost more than I got. But I was hoping someone else would be caught and documented.



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My next fishing trip was ahead of me and I decided to go to the quarry. I chose the baits very colorful. I used 18mm pineapple N.BA boilies with Dumbells and one with Crazy Liver Dumbells for one rod. I put lead in ProActive Rapid Paste. I have highlighted the baits with a small PVA. Thanks to its attractive bait My Mx9 soon he sounded. After a long and hard fight I took the carp to my CamoCode Landing Net. I took a picture of the fish, let go and went home. I took a picture of the fish, let go and went home. Stefan


MIVARDI CZ - Bobrman - Fish of my life - carp 30+ part. I.

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What a man gets by fishing and what he loses is about this story, the story of one fish, people, fishermen, carp anglers. I hope that this message will lead to reflection rather than a celebration of success. A carp and a piece of life with him, a fish that took a lot and gave a lot. Paradoxically, even if I described the whole story on the pages of a long text, it was best summarized by a long-time friend who went a long way with me, Luděk Černý:


Yohan - MIVARDI FRANCE - Wild gravel pit II.

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I decided to fishing for the 18 mm Monster Crab pop-up with floating maize, all in Monster Crab dip. The next two rods will be one or two tigers nuts and 14mm Magic Fruit pop-up, it's the perfect trap! Days are quiet, we use opportunities to prepare places and rig. In the second night we caught another 6 carp, Magic Fruit is aptly named. In the early hours of the morning, I noticed a branch and fish moving around. We'll catch two carps more from that place and one will fall, but it's time to leave this little paradise!


Yohan - MIVARDI FRANCE - Wild gravel pit I.

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Yohan sent us a beautiful narration with a lot of catches. Thanks to the rich photo documentation we will divide into two messages: I'm here on a wild gravel pit that is unknown to me. The dream destination of my fishing. After careful lay down rig, we prepare a feed consisting of hemp seeds, tigers, corn and sweet corn pellets. It creates a good and attractive place. Rods are placed. At the end of the first night, I caught 7 carps, without loss due to thanks M POINT CS hooks in sizes 5 and 6.



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