Wind in the right direction – MIVARDI CZ – Jiří Tunka

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Autumn came, and I took a short fishing outing to my favorite water. Underneath the hook, I used the Stinky Tonda in the gel atractor as usual. I really liked this boilies. I used a little to feed and chose boilies in the same flavor and halibut Rapid Classic pellets. I caught a few small fish, but I really enjoyed it. I hope Mivardi will put this boilies into production again. For MIVARDI PROMO team, Jiri Tunka


Cool Water - MIVARDI CZ - Bobrman part.II.

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I have been visiting small and larger waters, as I have been doing in the winter for several years. Interesting is the comparison of success, I had a few questions on social networks, whether the winter is better shallower stagnant water, or larger and deeper. I have to say very frankly that for extremely cold waters, definitely larger and deeper waters. Hec, which I tried to realize immediately after the thaw last year in one barely two-hectare sand pit ended up quite a flop. I think that in small waters the fish really winter as the water freezes, loses activity completely and food intake is minimal, unlike large deep waters. With essentially identical walks, ie in the same period, under the same climatic conditions, the number of shots was significantly different. This, on the other hand, changed as the water in the spring sun warmed up more quickly and the fish approached shallow parts. Then it is advantageous to react and visit such water in a timely manner after a significant spring weekly warming.


The first frost - Jan Zadina

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I chose an old, deep sand pit. I was fishing at a depth of 8 meters. Instead I went to feed regularly. I used Champion Platinum B17 and Sea balls. I made the rig from the SkinlineStripshield 25lb and M-Point CS size 6 hook. I wish everyone a beautiful frosty day by the water. For Mivardi Jan Zadina.


Autumn river - Pavel Krejčí

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I chose places above the weir, in a quieter part of the river. For feeding I used mixture of Rapid SweetCorn pellets size 4mm mixed with Method mix Rapid Excellent. I put this mix into PVA. M-Point WG hooks proved to be very good. For Mivardi Pavel Krejči


Cool Water - MIVARDI CZ - Bobrman part.I.

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Time has shifted and the water is already very cold. The time of particle and hunt with pop-up comes. So the time of small pitfalls and complete refinement. But I still stick to proven helpers. Morning frosts alternate with days of rain. Again, I'm on a wave of quick walks. The Turbo, Easy Catch and Sweet Corn pellets add a great helper. Particle. In a very simple, basic combination of proven components. Rape, wheat, maize and important hemp, which is absolutely indispensable for winter hunting. For a quick walk, you will need a small box and PVA stocking, Flavor essence, Liquid Food and scissors, for mixing I use a discarded kitchen knife.


Rod Bands Professional - NEWS 2020

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The tapes are very safe and other parts of rods can't be damaged. It can be used for all split rods, both two- and three-piece, but also good for feeder rods. The package contains two bands: 18 x 4 cm and 18 x 6.3 cm. For Mivardi Jan Prchlik


Denis Polasek and Vitek Novak - Season 2019

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This year, both of us can be considered very successful. Vítek caught his personal best of carp and I caught my PB in grasscarp. So great! It started to flourish already in the spring. We went to the smaller water, where we caught many fish and one older coot. After that we made several smaller expeditions. Easter came and with them a typical voyage to the vast water near the residence. We caught a lot of fish here. Most of the fish were around 10kg. An interesting catch was catfish, with a length of about 1 meter. He bite up on pop up boilies. On this expedition we caught most of the fish on the Mivardi Rapid Devill Squid boilies in a paste. We used quite a few feed.


Bagpack CamoCODE Cube - NEWS 2020

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Very spacious backpack for every fisherman. The backpack can really accommodate all things of a demanding fisherman. What I really like about this backpack at first sight is its opening main pocket. The backpack placed on its back can be opened as a suitcase. For me very interesting product for a really good price. Radek Šimak


Under the bank - Lukáš Nedělka - MIVARDI CZ

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I usually throw my rigs far, but this time I made an exception and placed one rod under the bank. I used boilies Natural Concept Sea and Pop Up Sea under the hook. I put Pva with four boilies to the hook. After a long fight, I pick up a beautiful blazer. I wish you good luck by the water. For Mivardi, Lukas Nedelka



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