Jan Prchlík – MIVARDI CZ – March - part I.

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The course of winter has a different course for everyone. Some people rejoice, enjoy winter sports, others rest, others do not admit it, but I usually wonder about the things I will do the next fishing season and think about the past in my head. This year was not different and I used to go home like a tiger in a cage, who wants to stand still. Out to the water where I'm fine and where dreams are often filled. You may argue that, from your point of view, fulfilling dreams in the form of a trophy fish can be a pitiful little life.


Jaromír Dufek – MIVARDI CZ – Spring

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Hi, I'm reporting from the water for the first time this year. Finally, after the working at the spring fishing shows, I could begin to implement the plans of early spring fishing. The first choice was a relatively large and complex standing site. For two weeks, I had been irregularly pre-feeding with a selection of a mixture of particles, pellets and boilies from 3-15 meters from the shore. The first three walks were in the spirit of bites from smaller carp or bream.


Pavel Bobrman Vohralík - MIVARDI CZ - Hilarious - successful fishing trip - Article II.

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One rod on the right side of the board, the other on the left. The early evening is beautiful. Nothing in the dark, but I didn't even promise anything, fatigue was overwhelming. Instead of a quiet two-hole madhouse. Once again I serve thirty balls at each of the places. Nothing to ten, just beep. It is pulling! I fall and sleep like a baby. Unfortunately, I don't wake up the phone's alarm clock, but the rain. So I missed it. Let Holt show the sleeping bag. I'm not pulling anything out of the car anymore. The alarm clock rings after an hour of heavy rain. I'm going to import it there, the expedition has gone down to the last five hours.


Mivardi DEUTSCHLAND - Saša Spammer - Cold days...

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The member of our team Saša Spammer spent a little time of fishing close to the end of the year. It was close before our first german expo in Wallau, but he made that fishing very productive. Beautifull caught carps in that cold days, which is documented by the enclosed photos. He took for a help CRAZY LIVER of the RAPID CHAMPION PLATINUM, PVA with pelets and liquid food liver. Great congratulation to Germany. MIVARDI


Pavel Bobrman Vohralík - MIVARDI CZ - Hilarious - successful fishing trip - Article I.

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I will be fishing in very cold water. Two days off is a great rarity for me. Beautiful fifty hours of fishing. I prepared everything in advance for my fishing supply and go for my favourite fishing grounds, find the best possible place and enjoy two days of peace and tranquillity. Upon arrival at the sandpit, I take a place downwind in a small cove, spread out the brolly, bedchair, sleeping bag, everything ready to fish, establish and cast out. After two hours, the first carp, a beautifully built scale sixty-six. Well, I'll let you enjoy it! Every day, everyone at work, what more could you want. Late autumn is beautiful this year, enjoying a sunny day.


Manuel Corana - Mivardi Italia - A great start to the season!

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A truly luxurious first walk on the lake! A beautiful carp with unusual scales for a start and the second catch of the Italian fisher was definitely worth it! A great carp and again in use was RAPID EXCELLENT with Monster Crab flavouring and REFLEX Magic Fruit and CRAZY Liver pop ups! For the beginning of March, when the water was still very cold, this line in bait was absolutely ideal. Hunting for a snowman was a good choice! Just keep going for another perfect catch! Mivardi Italia has begun the season successfully!


Tomáš Skála - MIVARDI CZ - First successful walk

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Even though the water was running over the winter regularly at least for daily walks, unfortunately, I was unable to locate the fish and therefore to fish. The situation changed after the ice melted, when I went to the water for two nights and hoped for at least some shot. It was just the second day before the morning and the first fish was a beautiful shield in winter colours with a weight of 16.50 kg.


Monster Crab MIVARDI - Excellent, Reflex, Flavours

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A good series of Mivardi products for your carpfishing. Monster crab has top results! Monster Crab: Attractive news with the intensive, stable and very specific Monster Crab flavour. Similar to the other types of our boilies this essence has been exclusively made for the Rapid family in the UK. Together with the carefully made mix from the fish meals, soluble proteins and extruded ingredients it makes really effective bait. This boilie works well from spring to the autumn even without the strong pre-baiting.


Josef Petráš – MIVARDI CZ – Autumn river

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In the afternoon, I went to the river for a few hours, to a part of river where I had never been fishing. After measuring the depth, I found that at a distance of 30 meters the trough with a depth of 4 meters and from the bank to the trough is about 1.5 m deep. I cast rigs in the trough with a B17 with a diameter of 24 mm where I fed two B17 kilo.



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