Mission Big Carp from the Vltava Cascade – Jan Hubka - MIVARDI

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As soon as the work commitment allowed me, I decided to try to realize it, to meet another of my previously set goals. It was catching my first big carp on the Vltava cascade, which I have never historically visited carp fishing, even though I have spent a lot of free time here in recent years. It just had to mature, and it happened… I selected a suitable area for this period on Google maps. I found the very place to fish only on closer inspection of a completely unknown area for me from the rumann boat, which I was transporting over this large area.


Boilie dry bags - X, XL, M - News MIVARDI 2020 - new photos

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Perfectly breathable bag made of durable rubber mesh that does not absorb water or odours. It is designed to keep the baits dry and with perfect air access during your sessions or to dry the boilies slowly to maximum hardness. Thanks to the reinforcement the bag keeps its shape. The perfect manufacturing quality and the long life zippers are commonplace. Size: XL 40 x 28 x 25cm / 22L - L 30 x 20 x 20cm / 12L - M 28 x 20 x 10cm / 5L


Sounder M1300 Wireless - new photos - Bobrman

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Fully featured wireless bait alarms with a operation range testing function. They offer volume, sensitivity and tone adjustment including the silent mode of the bait alarm. The night LED is operated manually. The receiver allows to adjust the volume and tone. The correct LED colour is assigned automatically when you add the new alarm into the set.


RCCC CRS SUS - The best carper - TEAM MIVARDI CZ

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On 2 - 6 October 2019, our RCCC Czech Fishing Club, in cooperation with the City of Čelákovice, its MO ČRS and ČRS SÚS, organized the tenth annual RCCC ČRS SÚS and I, traditionally for the third time as chairman, hunter, moderator and manager of CZ MIVARDI team. It is the most prestigious and most difficult race in laid individuals, only offshore and without the help of another. The scoring fish is recognized by the hunter only when it is placed on the ground. The competition was announced for the credit of the three heaviest catches from 4kg weight. The duration of the race of 92 hours on a 6 km stretch of the Elbe River, with a total of 48 competitors in four sectors, made this event unique. The purpose of this race is to support the Czech Fishing Clubs, fishing youth events and especially the support of children who were not so lucky.


Premium transport trolley - NEW 2020 - New photos

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Transport trolley with two wheels and surprisingly large loading area. It can be folded to a minimum transport size in a moment. Extremely strong and rigid frame together with simple, reliable and extremely durable folding mechanism ensure great load capacity and great manoeuvrability.


Under the bank – Týna Kosová – MIVARDI CZ

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I release for a short fishing outing on the river along with my husband who has been here for several days. I put both rigs under the bank. As a bait I used boilies RAPID NATURAL CONCEPT from the series Champion platinum. It wasn't long before I guided the carp into the net. For MIVARDI, Tyna Kosova


Overpopulated Elbe - David Mach

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On Friday I have time off so my friend and I are going to fishing. We came to the water, prepared everything and put it down our rig. Unfortunately, the places around us began to fill very quickly. The first night I caught 2 beautiful carps. We were a little sorry that they were the only fishes of the expedition. A successful bait was the B17 ball. For Mivardi, David Mach


Cooling water - BOBRMAN - MIVARDI CZ part.II.

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Yes PLACE, it is also alpha and omega. I only visit the so-called transition points, ie parts of the stand, where the shallower part of the transition to the deeper parts, or fishing directly in the "pits". Most of the old sandpits have such places and it is only about your summer activity to select such places. As I wrote in one of the previous articles, it's not all about technology, throwing sonars, passing water, or popular markers. Lazy mushroom bare misfortune, walking with a dog and chatting with hunters in full season, or during it will find you a guide to winter fishing. So communication is the best "technology".



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Let me introduce MIVARDI METHOD FEEDER! PREMIUM: Precisely manufactured method feeder. The body is made made of durable, smoky-coloured plastic and powder coated load in camouflage colouring. It comes with a well moulded quick-change adapter for connecting the rig and high quality anti-tangle sleeve.



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