Cool Water - MIVARDI CZ - Bobrman part.II.

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I have been visiting small and larger waters, as I have been doing in the winter for several years. Interesting is the comparison of success, I had a few questions on social networks, whether the winter is better shallower stagnant water, or larger and deeper. I have to say very frankly that for extremely cold waters, definitely larger and deeper waters. Hec, which I tried to realize immediately after the thaw last year in one barely two-hectare sand pit ended up quite a flop. I think that in small waters the fish really winter as the water freezes, loses activity completely and food intake is minimal, unlike large deep waters. With essentially identical walks, ie in the same period, under the same climatic conditions, the number of shots was significantly different. This, on the other hand, changed as the water in the spring sun warmed up more quickly and the fish approached shallow parts. Then it is advantageous to react and visit such water in a timely manner after a significant spring weekly warming.


Cool Water - MIVARDI CZ - Bobrman part.I.

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Time has shifted and the water is already very cold. The time of particle and hunt with pop-up comes. So the time of small pitfalls and complete refinement. But I still stick to proven helpers. Morning frosts alternate with days of rain. Again, I'm on a wave of quick walks. The Turbo, Easy Catch and Sweet Corn pellets add a great helper. Particle. In a very simple, basic combination of proven components. Rape, wheat, maize and important hemp, which is absolutely indispensable for winter hunting. For a quick walk, you will need a small box and PVA stocking, Flavor essence, Liquid Food and scissors, for mixing I use a discarded kitchen knife.


Denis Polasek and Vitek Novak - Season 2019

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This year, both of us can be considered very successful. Vítek caught his personal best of carp and I caught my PB in grasscarp. So great! It started to flourish already in the spring. We went to the smaller water, where we caught many fish and one older coot. After that we made several smaller expeditions. Easter came and with them a typical voyage to the vast water near the residence. We caught a lot of fish here. Most of the fish were around 10kg. An interesting catch was catfish, with a length of about 1 meter. He bite up on pop up boilies. On this expedition we caught most of the fish on the Mivardi Rapid Devill Squid boilies in a paste. We used quite a few feed.


Andreas Andoniu - MIVARDI CZ - One night walks

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Due to lack of time I have not been fishing for more than 3 days. That's why I choose short walks to at least take a break from my daily duties. I always select in advance places on my favorite small district with an area of less than 10 hectares, depending on the weather and water temperature.


Jan Petržilka - Mivardi CZ - A Week After the Line

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Hello to all Mivardi fans! My next week's expedition with Dad and I decided to do abroad for our union water. Upon arrival, the tropics of 37 ° C + greeted us, which did not indicate much fish activity and it was also confirmed. After almost a 12-hour journey, I had it all. I was busy with my teeth and fishing until the following day. With the marker I found two fishing places, one at 70 m and the other at 110 m. I chose a combination of B17 Natural Concept -20 and 24 mm for this expedition, plus Rapid Easy Catch - Pineapple + N.BA - also 20 and 24 mm in diameter.


Jan Zadina - MIVARDI CZ - My son fishing.

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I recently returned from a week-long family trip where it turned out pretty well. We had a rest at home for two days, and then we went together again for a few hours to my favorite water. This time I decided for a change. I took the Stalker FC, Method mix Champion and Pop Up Reflex Cherry with me. This assembly was in charge of the son this time because he told me several times that he wanted to catch carp too, so why not try. I fed him near the margin with a method mix, tossed a small 12mm popup, and that was the only thing I helped him, the rest was up to him and the fish if they were working together.


STALKER FC - Jan Prchlík - product description - part.II.

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I had the opportunity to try out all the mentioned types, whether from shore or boat. Even though the rods give a slim impression their blank is very powerful and solid. Even from the first impression of the thin rods, they are able to take the toughest lunges of the fighting large carp. At the same time you enjoy the rod action, which is really perfect. With these rods, if the angler is a light carp hobby, when he often walks a long distance around the water, he will be absolutely satisfied.


STALKER FC - Jan Prchlík - product description - part.I.

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In today's review, I'd like to introduce you to the long-awaited product for 2019, the rods that are called Stalker FC. It is a relatively new kind of rod in our country, which I would say, many people do not use. The rods are different from the usual standard, mainly in their length, and their use is generally specific. It is definitely not the product that you will venture into the greatest distances in the cast, but its use is where there is not much space and are very good helper when fishing from the boat.


LYNX - Jan Prchlík - product description - part.II.

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Another essential element is the slow oscillation and the precise line lay system. Thanks to these two factors, the line is perfectly folded and thanks to the wide reel spool you get perfect and long casts. Ten encapsulated stainless steel bearings cause smooth and smooth running. The already mentioned reel spool is a great advantage for longer casts or balances.



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