At the right time in the right place - Jan Prchlík - MIVARDI CZ

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The start of this season was a little different for me than usual. At the beginning of March, I went for shorter walks, but I did not do as well as I would have liked. Eventually, health problems were added and it was carp. I had my first caproaction with a better result in the first week of April, and it was more successful than expected. The weather, which was prospectively available, was not entirely ideal and the only thing that played a bit into the cards was the moon in the phase just before the full moon.


Hot Summer - Jan Prchlík - MIVARDI CZ

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And here it is again. Summer. The part of the year that many are looking forward to, but there are also those who do not need this period. I clearly belong to the second group mentioned for several reasons. The first is that I absolutely hate the hot weather and the second fact is that the water areas are attacked by so many people that you will hardly be looking for peace for caproles. But even so, I decided on a few summer events and tried to choose places so that I could find a little peace.


In the branches of a willow - Jan Prchlík - MIVARDI CZ

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We have probably definitely had the hot days this year and we need to think about where to direct the autumn steps. The decision was not so complicated for me, so somehow I knew that one of the places where I took a few short walks in the hot summer would be one where I would like to stay for at least three days at a time. A bit untraditional place in terms of space on the shore, gave a chance for undisturbed fishing and a good result. I caught fish here in the summer, so why should it be any different now, but we know carp, right?


On the edge of his possibilities – Bobrman - MIVARDI CZ

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One of the best expeditions last season! I have already described the first visit to Pálava in one of last year's issues, but the second one was incredibly demanding and very successful. It all started with a beautiful sunny day. Loading the ship was a cool thing. Until it seemed weird with Michal, two days old prediction. Well, it is good to enjoy. Traditionally we have such a relaxing day on the first day, due to the tactics we choose, we are successful only the next days, and especially the beginning full of preparations is demanding also physically.


Mission Big Carp from the Vltava Cascade – Jan Hubka - MIVARDI

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As soon as the work commitment allowed me, I decided to try to realize it, to meet another of my previously set goals. It was catching my first big carp on the Vltava cascade, which I have never historically visited carp fishing, even though I have spent a lot of free time here in recent years. It just had to mature, and it happened… I selected a suitable area for this period on Google maps. I found the very place to fish only on closer inspection of a completely unknown area for me from the rumann boat, which I was transporting over this large area.


RCCC CRS SUS - The best carper - TEAM MIVARDI CZ

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On 2 - 6 October 2019, our RCCC Czech Fishing Club, in cooperation with the City of Čelákovice, its MO ČRS and ČRS SÚS, organized the tenth annual RCCC ČRS SÚS and I, traditionally for the third time as chairman, hunter, moderator and manager of CZ MIVARDI team. It is the most prestigious and most difficult race in laid individuals, only offshore and without the help of another. The scoring fish is recognized by the hunter only when it is placed on the ground. The competition was announced for the credit of the three heaviest catches from 4kg weight. The duration of the race of 92 hours on a 6 km stretch of the Elbe River, with a total of 48 competitors in four sectors, made this event unique. The purpose of this race is to support the Czech Fishing Clubs, fishing youth events and especially the support of children who were not so lucky.


Cooling water - BOBRMAN - MIVARDI CZ part.II.

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Yes PLACE, it is also alpha and omega. I only visit the so-called transition points, ie parts of the stand, where the shallower part of the transition to the deeper parts, or fishing directly in the "pits". Most of the old sandpits have such places and it is only about your summer activity to select such places. As I wrote in one of the previous articles, it's not all about technology, throwing sonars, passing water, or popular markers. Lazy mushroom bare misfortune, walking with a dog and chatting with hunters in full season, or during it will find you a guide to winter fishing. So communication is the best "technology".


Cooling water - BOBRMAN - MIVARDI CZ part.I.

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There are fewer shots, the water is far from bathing, the fishers have been reduced by the water, and I still have a few days a week to hunt for a few hours. I have to rethink hunting. I lay out everything in the workshop and adjust the equipment style "big purge". Everything to get into the backpack, carp bags so that I can move quickly even over long distances with a trolley, or really a "punk" with everything in his hand or on his shoulders. But I have to admit that I consider it the nicest fishing. Every catch has a high value for me. Fishing in winter also has one big advantage, the incredibly exposed places are not always occupied, so I open up the opportunity to get where I do not have a chance in the season. Well, hand on heart, it's not always the joyful moments when you put a mile in your feet and find out that a bunch of guys here soak the pike rods, but that's part of it. You have to take some more power and go a little further.


Cool Water - MIVARDI CZ - Bobrman part.II.

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I have been visiting small and larger waters, as I have been doing in the winter for several years. Interesting is the comparison of success, I had a few questions on social networks, whether the winter is better shallower stagnant water, or larger and deeper. I have to say very frankly that for extremely cold waters, definitely larger and deeper waters. Hec, which I tried to realize immediately after the thaw last year in one barely two-hectare sand pit ended up quite a flop. I think that in small waters the fish really winter as the water freezes, loses activity completely and food intake is minimal, unlike large deep waters. With essentially identical walks, ie in the same period, under the same climatic conditions, the number of shots was significantly different. This, on the other hand, changed as the water in the spring sun warmed up more quickly and the fish approached shallow parts. Then it is advantageous to react and visit such water in a timely manner after a significant spring weekly warming.



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