Andreas Andoniu - MIVARDI CZ - One night walks

10. 01. 20


Due to lack of time I have not been fishing for more than 3 days. That's why I choose short walks to at least take a break from my daily duties. I always select in advance places on my favorite small district with an area of less than 10 hectares, depending on the weather and water temperature.

Before I start hunting, I always go and prebait at least one day before I arrive to get used to finding a ball in my fishing spot. I will place about 0,5 kg of mix Sea 20 mm and Crazy liver 24 mm, which I water with aminoliqud Sea. The next day I sit in the evening and throw in the pre-fed spot. On the day of hunting, I am pre-glugging the balls because of the fact that they do not get the smell of mud, but on the contrary the aminoliquid Sea, which I add to the water in which I pre-wet them.


Balls pre-mashed about 4-8 hours in advance so that they seem to have been in the water for some time and the fish collects them without fear and in large quantities. When I get to the water I feed 0.5 kg and repeat the same thing in the morning before casting. 


Assembly I choose a classic hook Mivardi WG No. 5, pull the cord 3 cm from the hook, the transition between the hardened and soft parts of the braid I put a 1.5g shot, disguise against tangling and done. On both assemblies, according to previous experience I give 20 mm Sea ball soaked for a longer time in the same aminoliquid and add 10 mm garlic garlic, which I have in essence with the same flavor as pop up. I do not invent anything special and cast the same two pitfalls on the fishing place. I cast the first rod about 5-10 m from the feeding point and send the second rod directly to the hot spot (fed spot about 10x10 m). During two walks to different places in the district I always managed a very decent fish, sometimes even after the arrival and casting rods I got shots. I think that this is greatly helped by both the overfeeding place and the pre-soaking of the baits. I would recommend this strategy to everyone who does not have so much time and walks as I do for just one night. 


I hope you will be successful with this strategy and bring you a lot of beautiful fish. Best regards Andoniu Andreas.













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