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20. 11. 20


The start of this season was a little different for me than usual. At the beginning of March, I went for shorter walks, but I did not do as well as I would have liked. Eventually, health problems were added and it was carp. I had my first caproaction with a better result in the first week of April, and it was more successful than expected. The weather, which was prospectively available, was not entirely ideal and the only thing that played a bit into the cards was the moon in the phase just before the full moon.

B17 Champion Platinum

I originally wanted to go to a lake, but the situation with the number of fishermen fishing here was more than crazy. Well, what I have a few days ahead of me and even if it will not be a completely comfortable hunt, I bet on the river. The flow was still above normal and even the amount of dirt floating through the catch column will make it quite difficult. However, this is not my first time on the river and I will definitely fight those few unpleasant things.


I drove several sections of the river before choosing a place to hunt. I opted for the part with more depth and a muddy bottom. From previous years, I had a clear picture of the space in front of me and it saved me time. It was still on the agenda to devise feeding tactics. The water temperature has not yet offered any madness in the number of baits thrown into the water, so I bet on phase feeding. I have a lot of experience with this way from the past, when it was thanks to this way, especially on lakes, that I managed to capture it not very well. Eighty balls of Crazy liver boilie with a diameter of 20 mm regularly after three hours was the variant I decided on this time.


As expected, nothing happened at all during the first evening. The first night and morning alarm clocks for feeding and casting are behind me and it is to be hoped that the strategy is chosen correctly. Likewise, all Friday was completely dead in terms of shot. The only thing I perceived was the activity of the fish below the surface, especially during dawn, and that completely calmed me down. Seventh evening again serving baits and wait on. The first shot arrived after dark, but I couldn't beat the fish thanks to the vase. It threw me off a bit, because the first cool shot of the season didn't end very cheerfully. The second fish took off before eleven o'clock in the evening, and the duel made it clear that the fish would be one of the better ones. After the first undefeated fish, I leaned a little harder to fight to eliminate the loss of fish again. After a few minutes, I have the first great river fish of this year with nice proportions in the pad.


The course of Saturday morning and, in fact, the whole day was like a copy of Friday's. Clear sky east wind pressure 1032 so what to expect for fishing activity right? After dark, however, the water came to life and the activity of the fish was striking on the rods. One of the defeated fish was a perfect coot, which showed that he had known about the feeding place for a long time. Sunday morning's feeding, and the turning point is ahead of me. By lunch, it was again without signs of carp activity, although it would actually be quite offered. I think the third day of phase feeding is usually decisive and I slowly came to terms with the fact that this time it will not be in the usual model of some significant carp eating.


However, fish are fish, and if everything was clearly given, we would not be able to enjoy fishing. One hour after noon, I receive the first day's shot from a very nice scale that started an incredible series of shots that lasted until my departure. I had some eleven hours to midnight and from four in the morning about four hours of the hunt itself. After documenting the carp, I didn't stop for almost a minute. The fish took turns on both rods alternately at intervals of twenty minutes to an hour. It never happened to me that both rods left at once. During the evening, I managed to overcome twice a relatively solid stereo, but due to my clumsiness, I was unable to take pictures of both carp once. Each time the fish sailed out of my landing net when I was fighting the other rod.


At midnight I withdrew my rods, fed a regular dose and went to bed. An alarm clock at four o'clock and it was hard for me to get up, until the last morning of the expedition. Almost immediately after the cast I have a nice shot and it looks like the fish are still in the feeding place. Then I fight for another nice fish on the second rod and this time I looked after everything and the double took place. A nice scale with an even nicer scaly cheek was a really nice experience. There was still some time left before departure, and a few more fish took over.


It was a fish up to about eleven kilograms and I could be completely satisfied with the event. All the time, I used only fully reinforced simple fluorocarbon rigs 0.50 mm and a size 2 hook. There were several risky parts in place, and it was necessary to adapt to the situation. I didn't know that I would get here in a few days with a different feeding strategy to a great time when the fish would respond to the feeding even more than this time. But this is a topic for another article.

Good luck by the water.




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