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03. 01. 19


I’ve not been happy for a long time, no matter whether day or night fishing. I'm glad, in a couple of waters with non-stop fishing, it's a big shift. But how to be successful? What am I looking for hunting? I have friends who prefer to fish big and adjust the distance of the bait from the hook to the almost maximum, or the hardness (resistance) boilies, but I like the more actionable way of hunting.

I'm looking for baits that catch faster. They can be said to be so built. Or you need to improve (edit) them. I was very interested in pre-boilies, especially when I go on very short walks or on hard-to-reach areas. If I run regularly in the district, I use water from the hunting area, if I just pick it up randomly, I use the water from the well. I have to test the breakdown time myself, depending on which boilies I regularly use. For me, our products are the closest SEA from the RAPID CHAMPION PLATINUM series.


The bait always gets three hours soaking before I get to the water, so these are already releasing essences and attractors, at the same time after a very short time starts to release the upper layer, which, as I have tried, is more attractive for carp. An important fact is, it has happened to me several times that, especially at weekends when overloaded areas are filled with large amounts of feed, the fish are careful. So Sunday afternoons, or Monday morning, when peace and comfort are settled in the area, and with minimal feeding, also a pre-wetted bait that is almost working with the improvement of split boilies or pellets with a faster decay time, that's the right moment.



But it's not just about accidental hunting, even on a longer trip, I can catch more places, it does not work and so I just find myself moving to different places to get in contact with the fish. And then, when I want to have a go for the fish I already have working baits. I'm sleeping rough on the bankside, I would say stupid, I like to spend my nights in nature, but I'm still on the alert. What if. I guess I will love listening to fish, what's happening on the surface, how active they are, and where. So when carp activity is high at a certain point, at certain distances, I immediately go into the matter. In this way of hunting, of course, feeding is easier. At home, loaded approx. 30-40 baits in a bucket will be picked flat and rocket, rocket, throwing stick, or boat if it is in place allowed 8mm, 12mm and / or 16mm pellets RAPID EASY CATCH and RAPID SWEETCORN.



Why different diameters? Well again because of the hunting time I spend on the shore! If I take 12mm for four to six hours and for 16mm longer time. In a hard-to-reach place, or if I want to feed only once, or I have a rocket and I do not want to make a noise on the water or to draw more attention to it, I will give it a mix so that the pellets will collapse gradually over time.


One of my friends was kidding me from having baited so many times during the morning on the sandy area. Maybe around six o'clock and seven o'clock. Classically, when the fisherman feeds for the evening, in the hunting area, perhaps not on the spot, but fish activity is high at night, especially during the summer months. So it can easily happen that the feed place is completely empty. I also watched a lot of videos as the smaller fish "squeezed" the spot of bait. In the morning, between the third and the fourth fish, I always feed the pre-soaked boilie regularly, and one ball is then put on a hook for an early morning throw.



Once, a colleague has taught me a simple trick, place some boilies in a jug of hot water and allow to stand for 30minutes. This allows the flavours to release quickly, meaning they will work quicker than baits out of the bag. It's just a thought with a little practice, I do not want to let anyone know that, but maybe it will bring something to you in your thoughts of fast-moving carp. It's also not about big fish, more of a number of shots, hunting more for joy.

Wishing successful contact hunting.

All fishermen. Pavel Bobrman Vohralík












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