Bobrman - MIVARDI CZECH REPUBLIC - Really beautiful box ...

08. 10. 18


I have not loved the fish for a long time, somehow it stopped me talking, but this fish was really a monster. The fight was also very nutritious, in the end, because I had to go into the water and the end of the fight it was not clear who is wetter me or fish. He did not mind the carp, he breathed a moment after placing on the mat and I changed into dry clothes.

Periodically, that day did not want me to catch fish, but in the evening, as if the clouds were falling over the shower, so I just took two bags of boilies, in the bag EASY CATCH bag 16mm and liquids.


I arrived in front of the darkness and just so, in places where I had success in the past I threw myself. On the right rod, ie SEA 24mm - DEVIL SQUID 24mm from RAPID CHAMPION PLATINUM and ANANAS + N.BA. 24mm from the EASY CATCH series. On the PVA tape a little pellet EASY CATCH ANANAS and split boilies. I fed approx. 30 rounds to throw.


Pavel Bobrman Vohralík

He was already a great shot, and the headlamp snapped into my bag. I'm sorry, "I coach" the carp and my other hand, but I lost the valuable meters of the fight, and the carp got hard on the side and was enjoying the offshore landscapes, I enjoyed less, it was clear that I would go with the landing net opposite the catch.


Carp was really exclusive, and not only was he able to handle my quick change, but also the picture, he was good and exhausted. Quickly into the water, he's tired, he's just felt water, he was alive, he waved the fins, gave me a light-hearted farewell, and he laughed for his friends.


Beautiful catches you too







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