Cool Water - MIVARDI CZ - Bobrman part.I.

04. 03. 20


Time has shifted and the water is already very cold. The time of particle and hunt with pop-up comes. So the time of small pitfalls and complete refinement. But I still stick to proven helpers. Morning frosts alternate with days of rain. Again, I'm on a wave of quick walks. The Turbo, Easy Catch and Sweet Corn pellets add a great helper. Particle. In a very simple, basic combination of proven components. Rape, wheat, maize and important hemp, which is absolutely indispensable for winter hunting. For a quick walk, you will need a small box and PVA stocking, Flavor essence, Liquid Food and scissors, for mixing I use a discarded kitchen knife.


First, mix the mixture properly in the box until it is "dry" and then add the liquid food so that the pellets soak up and the mixture is "ready" to pass through the PVA stocking tube. The mixture must not be overflowed. It should not drip from the grain. The casting can also be carried out on the finished PVA ball. At the time when you pass through the assembly. I still consider this to be the best way to present the pitfalls. Everything, including the hook, is hidden and only Pop-up Reflex ball peeks out. It is also more attractive before hunting itself, but the essence of the Flavor series. Again, just a few minutes before hunting to prepare the mixture.



Everything goes to the ultimate in subtlety, Shock and Shield just as a combined leader. I'm a terrible savings and so I use the rest of the StripShield 15lb, I leave only a thin cord without the cover and I put 5-7cm with a classic boilies knot at the end, so that I can combine pop-up with a grain of corn or half boilies B17 and half popup. A lot of people are looking for the right types, but I'm looking for pop-ups and colors, a combination. Definitely white, it represents the flavor of Crazy liver (liver), yellow is represented by a big classic Pineapple + N.BA. (anannas) and now just such comets of my last days and weeks and that is the green Garlic (garlic).


Sizes are also given, only fourteen and ten millimeters, someone uses even larger, but I just not, I would go back to the proven model of boilies and boilies or trimmed boilies.
We are already at the time of moving to pits, or the deepest places of the uprights. I still believe it, although on a very sunny day I look for the edges of these places. Shots are very few, but everyone is a boost and impulse, precisely because when you have little time to go the fastest way to the shot. You will go home better. Still, there are days when you just don't hit it. And if you hit it, make sure you handle the catch quickly, protective slime would say the filter is an important protection of the fish for the successful survival of winter. Many times, the hunters are looking at me strangely after their happiness when I have a tripod and Canon ready for action at my pad with a bucket of water. But just the speed of handling is crucial.


The previous day's pressure dropped from 1030hPa to a beautiful 1005 and should be stable all day. I'm sure I'm going. Classical wilderness in the morning, five alarm clocks, PC work, wake up children and prepare breakfast. In the car, everything is ready from the previous afternoon. I load a "wild game" that takes strength after breakfast and transports it to the school building, a quick turn, and I go to the water. At nine o'clock the assembly is in place, not fed, again I believe only PVA and its contents. The water seems to be alive, although this date is advanced. Shot after shot as if it wasn't even autumn, bream, roach, small-sized carp. The tip was correct, the wind is coming to my side. He's pretty strong. This is an important factor, I read that in late autumn the fish seems to hide in the lee, but I have the opposite experience even on these cold days.


Perhaps I am also led by the great success of hunters, who prefer zig-rig even in this period and still surprise us by its efficiency even before freezing and immediately after thawing. So for me clearly for a short walk in the cold water downwind. In three hours, we're already on the number nine shot and I'm getting ready to leave, the job is waiting. But I pack the "sloth" and finally I can see a beautiful carp over sixty-five centimeters! For me a great joy from a successful day.




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