Cool Water - MIVARDI CZ - Bobrman part.II.

30. 03. 20


I have been visiting small and larger waters, as I have been doing in the winter for several years. Interesting is the comparison of success, I had a few questions on social networks, whether the winter is better shallower stagnant water, or larger and deeper. I have to say very frankly that for extremely cold waters, definitely larger and deeper waters. Hec, which I tried to realize immediately after the thaw last year in one barely two-hectare sand pit ended up quite a flop. I think that in small waters the fish really winter as the water freezes, loses activity completely and food intake is minimal, unlike large deep waters. With essentially identical walks, ie in the same period, under the same climatic conditions, the number of shots was significantly different. This, on the other hand, changed as the water in the spring sun warmed up more quickly and the fish approached shallow parts. Then it is advantageous to react and visit such water in a timely manner after a significant spring weekly warming.


But if you are unsuccessful in the long run, there is nothing easier than a few days, or even taking a feeder for a walk. Two to three method mix feed balls or feed mixes, not too tight and only one or two Bonduelka beans! How many times there is an unexpected surprise in places where the fisherman is not successful.


The feeder is a great accessory, then as a rig material, I use a 50cm long rig from clear nylon. Hook size 10 or 8 and if I still want to stay with boilies just pop-diameter 10mm. It is the feeder fisherman is active and the cold is not perceived, time passes faster. The combination of techniques is in place, the deepened float on "Bologna" was also very successful last winter and I was surprised by the combination of fertilizer worm and pop-up.


Fertilizer classic on the hook, as if a lightweight pop-up on the coastal slope in depth was hit by black. A six-meter bologna provided the ideal distance for this hunt. Only this is a choice for a very short walk, movement by the water must be minimal. Beware of only one disadvantage of combined hunting. A carp rod thrown as if I had almost forgotten on the shore several times. Once I returned for a kilometer after a super feeder series of shots, I was completely erased from my field of vision and subconscious.


Amount of feeding, really only very small and save even a particle, at the time just before freezing or after thawing I am very careful for the initial feeding. Wait for the response. Only after contact with the fish and what was interesting, but from swimming as a good knowledge was the choice of dark feeding. Many times in the winter I chose the remnants of the summer season and walks with my son on the whip roots, but it is better if you really want to mix this material with a lot of "oversaturated" dark soil.


As far as possible, not to tighten the mixture so that it disintegrates immediately after reaching the bottom, it should be ideal. As an attraction I used a mix of liquid and even juice, or even a dressing of canned pineapple, mandarin, pear, what we have left home from winter compotes
I wish all fans of year-round fishing very successful days!




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