Cooling water - BOBRMAN - MIVARDI CZ part.I.

20. 04. 20


There are fewer shots, the water is far from bathing, the fishers have been reduced by the water, and I still have a few days a week to hunt for a few hours. I have to rethink hunting. I lay out everything in the workshop and adjust the equipment style "big purge". Everything to get into the backpack, carp bags so that I can move quickly even over long distances with a trolley, or really a "punk" with everything in his hand or on his shoulders. But I have to admit that I consider it the nicest fishing. Every catch has a high value for me. Fishing in winter also has one big advantage, the incredibly exposed places are not always occupied, so I open up the opportunity to get where I do not have a chance in the season. Well, hand on heart, it's not always the joyful moments when you put a mile in your feet and find out that a bunch of guys here soak the pike rods, but that's part of it. You have to take some more power and go a little further.


Hunting in cold water is not just about leaving the boilies completely. Boilies can be hunted in very cold water as part of quick walks, sometimes just a few minor adjustments. For example, just marginalize the balls and make them more attractive by soaking in liquid or even syrup, but the gold I consider "bath" baits in a mix of liquid. I don't know why, but carp really love this drink.


The big advantage is that if you are not successful, then you can at home when you get cold, use part of the attractant in tea to "revitalize the body". No, seriously! The 20mm RAPID B17 trimmed boilies can be loaded into the bath for just 15 minutes before unfolding the fishing gear! Richly enough to hunt for 3-5 hours. I will prepare one so-called "odd rig" and I have it always ready for action.


Because I try to look. I know many times I have read professional publications about how often shovelling fish is scary, but on the other hand, I have also long watched successful hunters with feeder and method feeder over a given period of how often and intensively they switched their assemblies. I mean, the sound that my falling flat pear inline weight of eighty-five grams makes is quite similar to a "huffed" feeder cup. I'm still tossing the rod after half an hour, it is already a real search, then assembly after pulling off and pulling here from the bath, repeat this every time and try to keep the times. When I find a fish with a rod, I continue to hunt at that point with the same throwing intensity. I don't worry about feeding. Today, at a time of high quality PVA, it is not necessary.


I will prepare a richly packed PVA stocking full of small pellets, but also quartered boilies of the type I am fishing for! Turbo, Easy Catch and Sweet Corn pellets of small sizes with a diameter of 4-8 millimeters. You can still pour PVA liquid, quality liquid food will not dissolve the PVA and you have an ideal presentation of the bait at a fishing spot in a given period!
From StripShield stripping 25lb, I change to a shock leader, shock shield 0.42mm. Whether in the form of a classically selected bait with a split ball cut into halves on a PVA tape, if I still believe in one rod classic presentation of the bait, or even when choosing the just described installation with trimmed B17. Sometimes this combination does not hurt, support one rod with 30 balls and let it be all the time of the walk and search for only one rod with a higher intensity of tossing and searching. Basically, you combine two tactics, with the fact that you are sometimes surprised by the success of the "harder" form of presentation! It is not even such a surprise, because it is possible that just before you finished the expedition carp anglers, who have been fishing here for a long time and his bait is still spreading on the bottom and the carp have come to feast on an abandoned dining table! Nothing is given in advance!


Why did I leave the massive feeding in the form of feed balls of method mix mixes or thrown pellets of larger sizes with cooling water recently. It just did not seem adequate to the reduced time for a successful hunting time! A scented abandoned cup at a well-chosen place is simply a big asset. And just because I change after half an hour and look for the ideal place where the fish are just staying.




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