Cooling water - BOBRMAN - MIVARDI CZ part.II.

11. 05. 20


Yes PLACE, it is also alpha and omega. I only visit the so-called transition points, ie parts of the stand, where the shallower part of the transition to the deeper parts, or fishing directly in the "pits". Most of the old sandpits have such places and it is only about your summer activity to select such places. As I wrote in one of the previous articles, it's not all about technology, throwing sonars, passing water, or popular markers. Lazy mushroom bare misfortune, walking with a dog and chatting with hunters in full season, or during it will find you a guide to winter fishing. So communication is the best "technology".


It makes noise on the fishing spot by throwing sonar or marker is not the right nut before hunting for 3 hours.
And then the question is whether you are the "orthodox" carp, as it is nowadays used on fishing servers or a hunter of living beauty and you like to catch all kinds of fish and small carp who have escaped after spring introduction hunters who like fish meat.


I am not opposed to anyone who appeals to fish in reasonable numbers, but this autumn was very interesting. I went out with a friend with an RS badge. Fishermen, as I wrote, is already less water, but there were also catches, basically, we did not understand, the incredible loss of footage compared to the very early spring, it was at the beginning of our autumn trip. It was understood very soon! Less fishermen, more insight!


On the spot directly opposite us regularly hunts an elderly man who was internally labeled "green overalls" and in a beautiful sunny day is very successful. One carp, stick blow, blue plastic bag and backpack, the other carp, stick blow, plastic bag, backpack, casts further and further. A friend freaks out, pulls out the rods and comes to the hunter to see if everything is according to RŘ. After half an hour it is clear that the inspection is a little longer that day. And the hunting permit withdrawn is the result. It is no coincidence that this is happening on an almost deserted sand pit again in the same week! I must add here, poor sports fishermen! And even the older ones who really come to the water just to relax and sports to overcome the fish opponent and that they are increasing among the older fishermen. We only saw the drop in the sea in the first week! Maybe they were the "responsible" hand lifters at the fishing meetings, those who, by virtue of their sluggishness, are not in favor of change and the current trend suits them.


One fish for a neighbor for eggs, one for a pub for two beers from the road, one for a friend…. K70 in the districts of eastern Bohemia is really missing, what I saw during the season is alarming and is not just about carp. Rare big perch and lazy no longer tell us their story.
But not everything is lost and everything ends up bad, at the end one of the nice episodes:
Total balsam for my soul was a gentleman at the age of eighty years, arrived on a bike, in the given terrain and age really a guy, after an hour of hunting caught a beautiful mirror with a weight of approx. twelve pounds, which he had fought for more than half an hour on fine rods, and when he had slapped it, I thought I'd call the Air Rescue Service to exhaust it. For a couple of minutes they both breathed it out, the hunter and the fish, then he called me, apparently noticing that I was taking pictures of the shore for this article and asked me for a photo for my daughter and granddaughters.



I arrived with Canon and the gentleman had a light carp mat under the fish, he was so exhausted that the carp didn't even take his hands on a classic "carp" photo, just sit down to catch it! I pulled the trigger a few times and helped release the fish back into its homeland! It was an unbelievable experience for me, too, and I would like to have that fish in thirty-five years when I reach his age!




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