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21. 01. 19


I decided to hunt more often on pop up baits, because in the past I did not really manage to do so. I can recommend hunting this way at a time when the fish are lethargic and do not seem too interested in food or in the early spring or late autumn in cold water using PVA, either with a PVA bag or a PVA mesh. Here is the space for an individual presentation regarding the bait in PVA.

During this season I started using ronnie rig and I have to say that not only did I start to hunt for floating baits, but this assembly is pretty catchy and my fish did not fall out of it. What will we need?




David Lužný

We will need braid or fluorocarbon (in my case Skinline Stripshield dark olive 25lb), a hook (in my case M Point AS size 5), a shrink tube (in my case Mivardi 2,4x2,6mm 3: 1), a Quick Change Ring Swivel, ring stops, a trapping latch holder and a brooch or plastic lead to import the assembly.


Custom build Let's start by placing a piece of the shrink tube on the selected hook (in my case, M Point AS size 5) and through the eye of the hook towards the tip. Then, using the pliers, we quickly open the Quick



Change part so that we can stretch it in the eye of the hook. If it does without opening, fine, if you need to open the section, then hang it once again with a hook and use pliers to close it. Then, shrink the shrink tubing over the hook and the Quick Change .


I personally shrink the tubing to the upper edge of the spine body (taken away from the hook), with the shrink tubing reaching a few mm below the level of the hook eye.


Then let the shrink tubing shrink over the lighter or hot steam. Then, on the hook, we put a stopper, in my case two ring stops, which define a section in which the hook will pop up the trap to move.


Attach hooklink material to the Quick Change ring - fluorocarbon or stiffened braid (in my case, Mivardi Skinline Stripshield 25lb). When hunting for this assembly, I used fluoro pop up Rapid, most often with garlic and pineapples, long-lived with the same essence and presented them with a smaller package of PVA stockings with a content of mostly topped identical boilies, overflowing liquid or dip. As I have already outlined, this is a fairly catchy assembly that brought me nice catches on federal waters. So I'm definitely worth a try!

For Mivardi team CZ 


David Lužný









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