Dawn over a small sandpit I. - Radek Šimák and Pavel „Bobrman“ Vohralík

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The water is still quite cold, but the temperatures outside are slowly but surely rising and the nature around us is starting to wake up. By mutual agreement, we went on Saturday morning for a few hours to ventilate the rods, but mainly to enjoy the atmosphere and with a cup of good coffee to talk in peace about the fishing, which we both love so much.


As a location, we chose a picturesque, about three-hectare old sand pit with an average depth of about six meters. After arriving at a place around half past five, we were completely alone in the sandpit, so we could choose a place from which to fish. The method of hunting was clear to test what can be caught here, what the fish population is here and whether there is any fish other than carp. We wanted to know what secrets are still hidden here and if we meet any interesting surprises.


Due to this situation, Bobrman used both Professional Hard feeder rods for fishing. He chose the feeding place at a distance of 20 m, next to the slight inequality that he knows about from previous walks. Feed mixture, due to the water temperature around 7 ° C - MIVARDI - Dark roach with a mixture of white worms and Bonduelka compressed into feed balls for the thrower. The place of introduction is fed ten o'clock. Choice of bait - fertilizer worm at the beginning and Bonduelka + white worm on the second rod.


Radek took Mivardi STALKER FC rods and looked at the teeth of local carp. One of the rods placed near the shore. He planted one 18 mm ball of Kapří Goulash, which has a small dose of RAPID aminoliquid filled with the same flavors for a long time. The assembly fell to a hard bottom to a depth of about six meters, about ten meters from the shore. He threw two handfuls of balls around and let them be. Ronnie Rig with a M-point hook was ready for the second rod, which is very popular and is used when fishing for poppies all year round. This rig works perfectly and in most cases, the hook sits beautifully in the lower lip of the carp muzzle.


The method of fishing for this rod was using a spomb and marker sticks in order to have feed and bait in the smallest possible area and thus raise the percentage of success. I took a spod rod with marker sticks and measured fifteen wraps and clipped the distance on the reel. I had the rods inserted from each other to the length of the feeding rod, ie 3.6 meters. So I fed the place at a distance of 54 meters from the shore where I threw about eight spombs (medium size) feeding.


As a rocket feed, Radek prepared a mix of Rapid Easy Catch Garlic and Pineapple pellets with a diameter of 12 mm, which he covered with Rapid Excellent method mix and I poured everything with RAPID Kapří Guláš aminoliquid to highlight the odor trace in cold water. He attached one 14 mm float of garlic to a small drill on a rig, he measured the distance on the distance sticks, ie fifteen wraps, plus he always adds the depth in the given place. In this case, he added six meters about one and a half extra wrap. This is because if you have a stuck line and do not add about a depth more in the place, the bait would fall six meters closer to the shore than I fed and therefore it would not have the right effect. Radek added a PVA stocking to the rig and threw it exactly into the fattened place. He usually prepares his stockings at home so that he does not stay in fish afterwards. He used two types of 4mm pellets Rapid SweetCorn and Rapid Extreme - Spiced Protein to make the fishing ground more attractive.

To be continued.





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