Dawn over a small sandpit II. - Radek Šimák and Pavel „Bobrman“ Vohralík

15. 01. 21


When everything was ready and we had rods in the water, we could easily put water for coffee. The sun slowly began to peek through the trees on the opposite bank and there was a wonderful calm around the picturesque sand pit. This feeling is priceless, a wonderful dawn over the water and a fresh cup of coffee in hand in the middle of nature! What is more than the peace and quiet! But it didn't last long!


After about twenty minutes, we were interrupted from the conversation by a real "stalker" rod, on which a small "float" was set. Great first shot and it wasn't even half an hour there. After a short duel, Pavel picks up a beautiful carp for Radek. He was no giant, but he looked like he was painted, those scattered scales on his body! He made us very happy also considering that he was Radek's first this season and such a handsome man. It poured blood into our veins and we felt that we were going the right way and the fish reacted to our feeding in both cases, because right after that Pavel also started pulling the carp on the feeder and so it was fun that something was happening by the water. Pavel sent another batch by throwing, this time it was Rapid Sweet Corn 12mm pellets. If they are in the taste, let it bastion!


We quickly took a picture of the fish and released it. On the rod, Radek, who is very careful in this, unwound the 16.5 wraps on the rods again "clipped" the reel and threw it back. Detail makes perfect, and it must be said that this strategy of absolute precision bears fruit. Spacers are a great tool not only for racing, but also classic union hunting for short walks!


The fish were quite tasty from the very morning, so we focused on hunting rather than discussion. Those carp juniors didn't give us a chance. It was a pretty good carousel from the rod to the landing net and back to the water through the photo shoot. In the meantime, other fishermen came to the water and watched our "carousel", we probably won't stop. We are already doing such a small competition, for ourselves and fun. But they decide that we constantly and regularly feed, we follow the set tactics.


We work on the rigid Hard Proffessional, glued to the tip of the tip, on which the shot can be seen for a moment, is further fed after each shot with the alternation of feed balls and a dose of pellets. Radek feeds with his spomb rod, if it is to work, the baiting mode must be repeated.

In order not to describe every shot for you here, we will summarize it a bit. It's after noon and our hunt is nearing the end. Successful short walk! Radek pulled a total of nine carp for the assembly with Ronnie Rig and Bobrman also for nine for the feeder special Professional. We say to ourselves, this is not possible, the draw is nice, but the winner of the hunt must be. By the way, you know, fishing with two friends together is mainly about the fun. Stop feeding, let nature decide.


As if the carp know it and are taking their time! To make it fair, Pavel also set the assembly for the last throw with the pop-up RAPID REFLEX Ananas N.BA. to the classic feeder  30gr. on a fluorocarbon rig with a length of 20 cm with a CS size hook. We drink the last sips of delicious coffee, so it is definitely delicious because it always tastes best with water! Very long and slow shot of the left feeder rod, with the fact that the fight is very long. The Quanty 4000's fine brake occasionally has something to do, but Professional shocks and lunges are dampened by fish. The terribly long duel ends at the landing net, where the fish turns off and the beautiful carp is definitely over seventy centimeters back to its homeland. So let's agree on a draw!

Beautiful and effective hunting! We think that the main factor of success was accurate and regular feeding, precise casting into the feeding place and, of course, the desire of fish to cooperate, which is the basis for successful fishing. Unfortunately, we did not catch other species of fish, only carp, and we both like the diversity of fish species when fishing.


We must state that we both have a very pleasant feeling from this successful walk. We fished perfectly and enjoyed the peace in nature to our fullest.

Have a good time and enjoy fishing.





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