Denis Polasek and Vitek Novak - Season 2019

10. 02. 20


This year, both of us can be considered very successful. Vítek caught his personal best of carp and I caught my PB in grasscarp. So great! It started to flourish already in the spring. We went to the smaller water, where we caught many fish and one older coot. After that we made several smaller expeditions. Easter came and with them a typical voyage to the vast water near the residence. We caught a lot of fish here. Most of the fish were around 10kg. An interesting catch was catfish, with a length of about 1 meter. He bite up on pop up boilies. On this expedition we caught most of the fish on the Mivardi Rapid Devill Squid boilies in a paste. We used quite a few feed.


There was no need to feed too much as the fish were in our area. Just throw 20 boilies to rig. After that we didn't have much time, so we only took solo action for a few hours. Here we caught some fish, but no bigger ones. We used a mix of Sweet Corn pellets, Turbo pellets and boilies for feeding.



Summer has come and I dream of our business trip to Germany. We were both looking forward to fish. And so we made a chalenge. We drew the place and feed and went to the water. Here we caught many nice fish. Most fish were over 10kg. A really successful expedition. We caught on rocky benches.


We drew lots of Mivardi Rapid NC Sea boilies for feeding. We fed 1 KG boilies per day assembly. At the end of August we went to the Amur. This trip was very successful! We caught many grasscarps, the largest of them were 16.5 kg and 10.5 kg. Really fantastic fish! We used a zig rig on this expedition and had a Pop up Pineapple NB-A under the hooks. Of course, it wasn't just about the grasscasp and I managed to conquer a beautiful carp.



Since then there was not much time for fish. We made only one bigger autumn expedition. We went to the water for 5 days. And it was worth it! It was hard work, but it paid off. For the first three days we were without a shot, but then it came. Vítek caught his personal best in carp, weighing 16.5 kg.


We have overcome several other fish around 10-12 kg. We threw our assemblies beyond 110 meters. We used for feed a mix boilies of Sea and B17. Every day we threw 3-4kg of Boilies into the place. The most successful bait was one 18mm B17 ball. After this trip we took only a few short walks.


I wish everyone good luck by the water. For Mivardi Denis Polášek





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