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20. 10. 20


And here it is again. Summer. The part of the year that many are looking forward to, but there are also those who do not need this period. I clearly belong to the second group mentioned for several reasons. The first is that I absolutely hate the hot weather and the second fact is that the water areas are attacked by so many people that you will hardly be looking for peace for caproles. But even so, I decided on a few summer events and tried to choose places so that I could find a little peace.


So I'm back Tom: Last year I premiered with my friend Peter on his home water in Germany. It didn't turn out completely badly, but I definitely had a reason to come back here. The information that there was a scale of really great proportions in the area stuck in my head, and the return was simply appropriate. Certainly the summer season may not be the real nut in catching such a fish, but what if by chance. I had a weak four days of hunting in the great company of Peter, with whom we have the same sense of humor and we will always enjoy it properly.


The water temperature was really quite high and the carp activity according to the fishermen fishing nearby was quite weak. I decided to place the rods in greater depth and bet on one feeding place. I used Boilie Natural Concept and B17 in the amount of three kg to start the space. Nothing happened during the first thirty hours, and it was clear that the carp were not really overactive. The next night, however, the feeding place woke up and I managed to conquer a few German carp. So is the third last. I achieved a total of eight shots, when I managed to catch a total of five fish. And Tom? So maybe in the fall.


Water as tea or the Amur mission: The July temperatures and especially the water temperature led me to the idea of trying some Amur. I decided to go fishing this fish on a stand, where I sensed good action. I didn't want to be a captive pot while cooking a ton of corn and I bet mainly on hempseed. Then for some frozen corn and Boilie Easy Catch Pineapple N.B.A. Natural Concept. I fed one of the places close to the shore on a hard gravel bottom and directed the other rod to the open water. The first mentioned place was productive especially in the dark and kept quiet during the day. The rod on the open water gave some nice fish during the day. I had a long time trapped in the essence of pineapple, namely pop up Reflex pineapple N.B.A. and also pineapple-flavored corks. The fish reacted very well, when the target fish was replaced by a couple of nice carp from the beginning. In the final, I only had a handle and some of the grass carp looked out of the water as well. Although no colossal piece was successful, a few fish around a meter long can also kick it nicely when fighting. So I took the expedition as complete and made plans for another business that was waiting for me in a few weeks.


A slave to my own passion: The last week of August, I have been very popular for the last few years in connection with nice carp. Especially on the river, I always managed a few nice pieces during this period. However, I wanted a little change for this year, and even though I knew it would be a little more challenging, I tried stagnant water with the proviso that I would go on post-work walks. Since I wanted to have the maximum for catching, the peace of mind fell on the daily boat ride to a more distant part of the site. When I think about it like that, I sometimes wonder if what I'm doing is completely healthy. Yippee. Anyway, even for such a short time with the vision of peace and nice fish, I loaded, unloaded, drove over every evening and underwent this color for three consecutive days. The big advantage was the fact that I spent a lot of time in this location, so I had the advantage in terms of choosing underwater places. In fact, I didn't even bother with echo sounders. The places were clear. One rod for free water and the other alternately work. The choice fell on the B17 boilies, which local fish quite like. I only used heavy balls without adding any pop ups. I simply wanted to eliminate smaller fish as much as possible.



The assemblies were clearly adapted to this. The ball further from the hook clearly fulfilled its role for almost the entire season. I bet the most on a rod placed on open water, where I fed more feed in a small space. Mostly, this strategy works for me in terms of fish size. This variant, also the first walk was confirmed, when the feeding presented in this way brought a single shot, namely a very nice longer scale. The next day I'm on the shore of the lake again and I'm in a hurry to load things and go to the fishing place. Over thirty degrees in the shade, it pours out of me successfully and I swear a little. The rods are heading to the same places again, and I'm waiting for what today's activity will be like. For the tenth time, the rod from the open water is reported again and at the end of the fight there is a pretty decent fish. Nothing happened until midnight. I still have some time in the morning, so I bet that the next day of feeding could bring some more shot. After six o'clock, the second rod sounds this time. I really enjoyed the fight with the fish, when after picking up I find out that I managed to defeat one of the local veterans. An old fox who loves boilies very much. Then I had to hurry to work and all I had to do was look forward to walk number three.


The usual early evening routine with the crossing of a temporary dwelling building and so on. I sat and watched if I saw any carp activity somewhere. Unfortunately, the fish don't seem to be. I didn't see any movement at all, far and wide. It is only after eleven in the evening that I have a shot from the right rod. The fish is quite easy and in a moment there is a rower of about ten kg in the landing net. I told myself that there was at least some action and he quickly threw the rod. By midnight, however, I had no action. Throwing the morning in the dark, light feeding and waiting to spin it in four hours before I go to work. The last shot came after half an hour. The fight was much better this time. I thought it would be a bigger fish, but the scale that took up my length was really strong enough to give away. With this carp I closed the summer season and in the subconscious I knew that I would appear here again this year. At a better time with more enthusiasm with more determination. Good luck by the water.





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