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20. 09. 20


We have probably definitely had the hot days this year and we need to think about where to direct the autumn steps. The decision was not so complicated for me, so somehow I knew that one of the places where I took a few short walks in the hot summer would be one where I would like to stay for at least three days at a time. A bit untraditional place in terms of space on the shore, gave a chance for undisturbed fishing and a good result. I caught fish here in the summer, so why should it be any different now, but we know carp, right?


I went on a two-day expedition from the region of the week, when I expected maximum peace by the water, and this was confirmed to me upon arrival. Not a single angler was in sight. I was quite happy about it and went to work. I didn't deal with the places in any way, because I know that it's hard to find the uneven terrain at the bottom here. So I bet on productive places from the past, where I tried to catch alternately softer and harder bottoms. I saw the correct chosen assembly and presentation and the amount of free feeding as essential.


The longer, maybe fifty cm long rig made of Shock shield material with a diameter of 0.42 mm was in place, just like the AS size 4 hook. Here and there there is a root underwater and it is necessary to lean a little into the fish. I used B17 boilies with a diameter of 24 mm for both rods and I was adamant that it was the right choice. I had free feeding in the same flavor and I tried to concentrate it directly for assembly in an amount of about one kg. I had no idea it would be a hit.


I placed the rods farther apart and hoped that at least one of the selected places would be productive. I put the left rod in the place with deeper mud for the start. Right, on the contrary, to the place where the bottom turned into a harder base. I started a series of quite decent fish from the left, when I succeeded after dark, and the first fish was a show lure of decent proportions. Not long after, the other rod sounded. This time with a smaller scale. It wasn't bad at all for the start, and I was looking forward to how the fish would react after the morning cast. I did not underestimate the feeding and for the night I sent a pretty decent portion to both places.

In the morning, the assemblies flew to their seats even in the dark. The morning coffee was in place and I watched the day wake up. Here and there a carp turned on the surface and a few of them, even very nice in size. The predators were active so that the fish jumped to the shore. It is and always will be a priceless view and one will always realize how much he likes to run this hobby. The left rod disturbed me from the sight of the rising sun. One beep and nothing happened. The trembling tip, however, suggested that there was a fish on the other side. Before I take the rod in my hand, it starts brutally and the carp at the end leans very hard into it. Although I don't like it, but I go fishing on a boat. The fight is quite long and I can't lift the fish from the bottom and I'm a little afraid that one of the local slimes will be in the end. He wasn't. After picking it up, it is clear to me that this carp will be the biggest fish of this year in close connection. I was really happy. The carp was really showy. The fact that it is not the last was shown by the time following.

After the quick photo shoot, I directed the assembly to the same place and fed it properly. Given the size of the fish I've caught so far, I was convinced that there was not a single ball of boilie in place. Light breakfast and waiting for the next one. Two hours after feeding, a shot of the left rod from the mud again. This time I fought with a decently angry medium-sized scale. The course of the day was not strange and the fish did not respond to feeding at all. I squeezed the afternoon rods and a decent reloading in a moment, waiting for the fish to sound again after dark. The shot arrived after ten in the evening. It was a carp that was quite deformed, but that certainly did not prevent it from feeding properly. Half an hour after him, I had another fish of similar size. Then not even a beep until midnight.



I was satisfied with the development of the expedition, I was just sorry that I only had one day ahead of me. It was clear to the fish that they were interested in the submitted feed. Morning alarm clock and we're going for it again. So far, the rod placed on the soft bottom prevailed and the harder place lagged behind. However, I was convinced that the right rod did not say the last word. The coil of the left rod rotates again for a minute exactly as the previous morning. The resistance at the end is not the smallest and again I am forced to go after the fish. The fight copies the one from the previous day, and I wonder if there's not more than enough of that handle. Licking and shaking my head in disbelief. Another of the very nice coots is mine for a while. Joy knows no bounds and I really enjoy it all. The size of the fish caught strikes me a little. Several carp weighing more than 16 kg are not a common standard.


The last few hours of hunting were ahead of me. Darkness fell and the water came to life with fish of all kinds. I also heard some very promising jumps of carp in close proximity to both rods. The shot was only a matter of time. This time he came after a long time from the right place with a slightly harder day. Again, a solid move of the fish and a nice fight. The fish is quite similar in size to the previous ones and I really didn't understand what was going on here. However, satisfaction was really in place, even though the rods had to be removed. Morning alarm clock and the last four hours. I bet a little on the dawn that one more shot could work. He said. Just before six in the morning, the rod slowly started to the left. I raised my rod, and in an instant it was clear to me what he was up to. I jump into the boat in a flash and go for the carp. After the first meters, the familiar scrubbing. Not that. Quick work with the anchor was successful and I was able to continue with the fish. When I reached her, something was wrong again. I couldn't lift it from the bottom, even though I was developing a pretty good move. Of course, the carp ran under my root. So I left the allowed line so that the fish had more space to leave and tried to free the line with an anchored rod. Although I did what I could, unfortunately it didn't work out. I could feel the fish for a long time at the end, but after a while she managed to get rid of the hook. In short, if you have to beat a fish, you will beat, and not always will we be the winners. This shot made an imaginary end to a great expedition with an unexpected result for me. The fact that I will return here soon after, together with my partner Beaver, I had no idea at that moment, as well as what I will be lucky about on the river in the foreseeable future. But that's the topic for the next article. Good luck by the water.





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