Jan Petržilka - Mivardi CZ - A Week After the Line

10. 12. 19


Hello to all Mivardi fans! My next week's expedition with Dad and I decided to do abroad for our union water. Upon arrival, the tropics of 37 ° C + greeted us, which did not indicate much fish activity and it was also confirmed. After almost a 12-hour journey, I had it all. I was busy with my teeth and fishing until the following day. With the marker I found two fishing places, one at 70 m and the other at 110 m. I chose a combination of B17 Natural Concept -20 and 24 mm for this expedition, plus Rapid Easy Catch - Pineapple + N.BA - also 20 and 24 mm in diameter.


A combination of this on Aminoliquid B17 - at least 8 hours in advance. Every day I spent about 10 kg of Boilies at each fishing spotand about 4 Kg of tiger walnut with hemp. As a bait I chose B17 - 24 mm + pop up Pineapple + N.BA ball B17 I dropped essence Devil Squid on the second rod is the same, just with the tiger nut and the third rod Easy Catch - Pineapple + N.BA 20 mm. The first shot appeared after about 40 hours at half past one in the morning and he was a beautiful 18.20 kg bald man and enjoyed the combination of B17 + pop up pineapple.


After documenting this coot, Dad's left rod spins on also B17 dripped essence Devil squid and at the end of the fight was a carp weighing 27.20 Kg. Beautiful fish! During the day it was again tropical heat and we knew that in this weather to get a shot would be a pure miracle. The next night comes one shot and at the end a beautiful carp weighing 13 kg. After this shot of the cobra, I feed it about 3kg boilies B17. There are two more shots this night, but unfortunately I am losing the edge of both fish. During the day again, zero activity and we were excited to see what it would bring us Penultimate night. Before dusk I fed some 5 kg of boilies and particles into the water. At 21:00 comes a slight shot on the right rod on the combination of B17 and pop up pineapple, everything spiked with Devil Squid essence and after almost a 10-minute duel I get a carp weighing 27.80 in the net.


My joy is great! After documenting again feed about 2 kg B17. The ball is just a bomb! Around one morning comes another contact to the same rod and after a beautiful fight, when the fish did not give me a meter for free. I am conquering another Lysec with a weight of 20.20 Kg. It was the last contact with the fish of this voyage, as we couldn't see the shot during the day or last night. But we still leave fully happy and looking forward to the next days together by the water.



Beautiful days by the water to all of you.

Jan Kwetak Petrzilka












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