Jan Prchlík – MIVARDI CZ – March - part I.

14. 06. 19


The course of winter has a different course for everyone. Some people rejoice, enjoy winter sports, others rest, others do not admit it, but I usually wonder about the things I will do the next fishing season and think about the past in my head. This year was not different and I used to go home like a tiger in a cage, who wants to stand still. Out to the water where I'm fine and where dreams are often filled. You may argue that, from your point of view, fulfilling dreams in the form of a trophy fish can be a pitiful little life.

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But those who know me deeper know exactly what I wrote in the first few sentences. I often pause myself over myself and think about whether I do what I do, it gives me some logic, or it is not gambling. But I always get the same answer. No. Give yourself a goal: As a rule, for the last few years, I always do the same. I'll have a goal without which it makes no sense to me. It is always an imaginary engine that drives me forward where the dreams come true. Whether it is a particular fish or size, or humiliating a new site to achieve something. But even with any goal, I do not forget the essence of carp. Enjoy every second of the water as it should be last and enjoy everything around the water. Especially in the spring, when nature awakens, it has its charm that man can pour so much positive into the veins. Morning singing of awakening birds is something that Luciano Pavarotti can be for people listening to classical music. In this case, the best composer and performer in this respect is the blackbird, which sounds the most beautiful on a branch above my shelter. Just as recently. I listened to his chatter and wondered if the target for this year, which I gave was satisfactory and how much effort it would cost me to make it happen. I think that when one really wants something dearly and does things right, the imaginary target band goes leaps and bounds.


It has already come, go and give what you can: Since I have been involved in the vast majority of river hunting for the past few years, something has been unconsciously eroding me and telling me that 2019 should probably be the one that turns me somewhere where I am you might wish. Just a few years ago, as I say, I broke a stick over something I liked, and for some reasons I didn't mention "TO" I left. I knew that time would come and I would want to come back. where I spent a lot of my life and which was often very generous for me when I was giving one carp treasure to another. bad series, when I was not successful, but it all belongs to it and I have learned over the years what I catch carp, often even weekly not very successful periods to accept with humility. power with the biggest fish in my life and I feel the frost running over my back, and somewhere inside me there is a familiar voice that tells me it's just that it's just temporary. The old state here and try to accomplish what I had for this year a little and not a modest goal, an attempt to catch a fish when its size will remain in my memory forever. I know that there are still a few fish swimming here, at least one of them I have already wanted to catch in the past. The desire of at least one to look at the bottom of my net's net was huge, and the determination I had for it was not even an inch smaller.


First shots in the dark: A few walks, when the success of my actions was not discouraging me. After all, the winter season is still not ideal to make hasty conclusions. Doing things as I think and believing them gave me peace, and I enjoyed it every time. I remembered the times, expeditions and walks here, where every beep of the bite could be one of those fights that are simply not forgotten. However, the time the empty walks had to turn into a successful one was approaching without even knowing it would arrive so soon and with such force. Beeps Beep: The first half of March was in the spirit of an unbearable wind when one says if it ever stops. On the other hand, the wind carries the carp and the fisherman, if he wants to be a bit successful, has to comply with it. The strong wind, accompanied by heavy rain showers, caused me to have a few nice fish on the mat in a few days and the feeling I was experiencing was good. The return after years and the fish did not change habits too much. Very pleasant at all was the fact that they were mostly beautiful young fish without any damage. I enjoyed the start of the season and enjoyed more and more for every walk. Such a warm-up is just the nicest.

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