Jan Prchlík – MIVARDI CZ – March - part II.

14. 07. 19


March ... it came faster than I expected: One afternoon the weather changed. Long-term cloudiness and strong wind, when the air pressure was at the optimum heights, was replaced by something that nobody would like twice. The clear blue sky, where the lambs would be hard to find. A sharp rise in pressure and tree branches that don't move a bit.


These are sometimes cards that are not enough for ALL IN. Usually it does not bode well, but I have experienced several times that despite all the weather the saddle. After all, my friend confirmed to me a friend with whom I had a conversation this afternoon on the topic "It will be a ploy" today. outsmart one of those fish. The strategy for today's hunting was clear. Backfill test this year for the first time, whatever it costs. I cast the assembly into a quite productive place and I match something about two kilos of boilie in close proximity. I distinguished myself with the bait because of the possible quick shot, with the fact that I will still switch over twilight and replace the more attractive bait with considerably larger and more selective. I sit and watch the water surface with the prospect of showing fish.



Nothing happens at all, and no wonder at such raw weather. The phone with a friend who is chatting was quick and I was looking forward to arriving and discussing everything around the fish again. The parachute ripped me out of the contemplation, which I attributed to everywhere in the world, which is very much in this period and in this part. However, when the line began to sting and the reel spool slowly set in motion, it was clear that some of the local carp had tasted the bait. The moment I picked up the rod, I immediately realised it, I just knew it. It's here before I expected, before I even dared to admit it. The heavy weight at the other end, when the fish stood for a while, and immediately after a few seconds, she knew that she would set the pace in the next few minutes. I was in no hurry and enjoyed playing hard.



When the joy of having a colossus took me a little nervous with shaking knees. The first breath on the surface, when my heart was heading somewhere in my throat, and my stomach clenched, only confirmed what I knew from lifting the rod. He has more than twenty. It took a few more minutes for me to gain control over my opponent, and I led him to his temporary prison, landing net. Looking at the fish I was wondering what I really managed to catch in the early part of the year. Euphoria was unreal. I didn't even notice that a friend had arrived, who had dryly said something that I wanted to catch for the rest of the year. Actually, with this man, I guess I'm supposed to come to the water behind me at those moments. When is something special happening. Like years ago, when the script was exactly the same. It should be like that. One should enjoy a fight with one of his life fish alone and perceive everything associated with it and then share the joy with someone close to someone you love, who does not envy you, or enjoy it with you. I would like to thank Skálič for the fact that you have just been there. Not just now. And at the same time, I know that I will give you your willingness to retaliate once. And I think it will come sooner than we would expect ……

Jan Prchlík









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