Jan Zadina - MIVARDI CZ - My son fishing.

10. 11. 19


I recently returned from a week-long family trip where it turned out pretty well. We had a rest at home for two days, and then we went together again for a few hours to my favorite water. This time I decided for a change. I took the Stalker FC, Method mix Champion and Pop Up Reflex Cherry with me. This assembly was in charge of the son this time because he told me several times that he wanted to catch carp too, so why not try. I fed him near the margin with a method mix, tossed a small 12mm popup, and that was the only thing I helped him, the rest was up to him and the fish if they were working together.


But it would not be me if I did not throw too, I placed my rod away from the shore to a greater depth, and I bet on a boilie that works a lot during the summer and the Champion Platinum B17 range with a Reflex Magic Fruit and fed a few handfuls . After about two hours my rod echoes, and it was a beautiful mirror.


A moment after his release, the second rod, which was in charge of my partner, is finally heard. I quickly grabbed the rod, jammed it, tuned the brake, and handed it to the little one, and let it go down alone to the fish. It was amazing to see the enthusiasm, the great joy, but also the nervousness and uncertainty in his face. But it is no wonder, until now only caught on the popup, a small fish, etc. Of course I podebral fish, unhooked, and put in the prepared pad.


It was something so beautiful that we couldn't even talk to my wife. Honza junior was so tired of the fight that he couldn't even lift the fish on the picture, but it didn't matter at the time, because it was his first carp and his new person, who was about three pounds.

Enjoy these moments together by the water, whether with friends or family, because nobody will ever take it away again.








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