Josef Petráš – MIVARDI CZ – Autumn river

12. 04. 19


In the afternoon, I went to the river for a few hours, to a part of river where I had never been fishing. After measuring the depth, I found that at a distance of 30 meters the trough with a depth of 4 meters and from the bank to the trough is about 1.5 m deep. I cast rigs in the trough with a B17 with a diameter of 24 mm where I fed two B17 kilo.

In the coastal areas, I just laid rig with Cherry 18 mm in diameter, wrapped in the paste. For feed I used five handfuls of boilies which were the same flavour. Till evening, I caught two smaller carp to Cherry. There was one bite on the B17 in the trough, just before ten o'clock, and I caught a pretty scaly carp about seventy centimetres.




After this carp, I packed my fishing tackle and fed for the next day. The second day I came back to that place and there I did everything the same as the last day. I had no shot of fish until the nightfall. I haven´t seen any fish though there was a lot of feed. At 9 pm I had a shot on the rod in the trough.



After a short fight, I undercut a nice scaly carp. After I have token few photos I release him with words – send big brother. As the evening approached I have started to pack all my things. That bait I´ve thrown near to the bank suddenly took something. I reel in the line and felt the power on the opposite end. When carp felt the pain it swam away and took around 20 meters of line. So after a few minutes, I had another scaly. On the pad I found out that my wishes came true. The first carp had to send big brother. Fish was similar to the first one, but it had half a kilo more.



I have seen as well that this carp really liked underestimated Cherry. I hope I can spend few more hours near to the water and maybe I will catch another fish, before the frost will close the water and tell us to spend more time with family. Wish you a wonderful time near to the water.

Josef Petráš







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