LYNX - Jan Prchlík - product description - part.II.

20. 09. 19


Another essential element is the slow oscillation and the precise line lay system. Thanks to these two factors, the line is perfectly folded and thanks to the wide reel spool you get perfect and long casts. Ten encapsulated stainless steel bearings cause smooth and smooth running. The already mentioned reel spool is a great advantage for longer casts or balances.


This makes it possible to wind up 93 cm of the line with one turn of the handle which helps especially when fishing long distances. Lynx is supplied in a package with two CNC milled spools 8000 and 10000. However, if the fisherman is a fan of more extreme distances, it is also possible to buy a 12000 spool, which is capable of holding 950 meters of 0,30mm line.


My experience in practice is generally positive. I had the opportunity to catch with this product at great distances up to 900 meters, when I appreciated both its weight and performance. The weight is quite acceptable for a relatively large reel, when 650g isn't really much. The gear ratio is 4.3: 1. Both during the fight and during the download on me it has a very good and especially trouble-free impression. Especially on the river in the spring, when it is necessary to reach for heavy loads, has stood up to number one. With regard to weather conditions such as frost, rain, snow or extreme heat, I did not notice anything significant about one of them that I could run into. I had the opportunity to try several reels in different price ranges over the course of seventeen years, and from different brands and with the calm of peace I can say that Lynx for the amount you buy it can fully stand alongside even more expensive machines. For me, a lot of music for an acceptable money.



Product description

New flagship of the Mivardi brand. This precisely manufactured reel will satisfy even the uncompromising demands of the advanced carp specialist. A number of used technologies and components are completely unusual in the price category and can be found only with this Mivardi brand. Key features of this model include a full-titanium main axis, which is extremely resistant to deformation and contributes to achieving a low weight. The weight is also reduced by a very powerful carbon braking system. It comes together with the quick adjustment system. Within half a turn of the drag knob with the original Mivardi design, you can control the entire working range of the brake. Another key feature is the super slow oscillation system with a perfectly accurate line laying.


This ensures an accurate winding, which consequently contributes to prolonging the casting distance. The use of ten shielded stainless bearings guarantees complete smooth running. Together with the heavy duty gear they help to easily retrieve heavy loads even from large distances. The large spool diameter helps with casting at extreme distances and it helps to achieve the long spooling distance in one turn. This reel comes with two CNC machined spools (sizes 8000 and 10000), but there is also a special spool with extreme capacity (size 12000) available separately.











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