Mission Big Carp from the Vltava Cascade – Jan Hubka - MIVARDI

20. 07. 20


As soon as the work commitment allowed me, I decided to try to realize it, to meet another of my previously set goals. It was catching my first big carp on the Vltava cascade, which I have never historically visited carp fishing, even though I have spent a lot of free time here in recent years. It just had to mature, and it happened… I selected a suitable area for this period on Google maps. I found the very place to fish only on closer inspection of a completely unknown area for me from the rumann boat, which I was transporting over this large area.



For the hunt, I chose a place where I was completely far away, as I like it and as it is best for catching big carp.
With the help of shut-off clips, I laid my assemblies exactly into the steeply falling, stony banks of this deep dam, specifically to depths of 3-5 meters.


As a bait for this expedition, I chose the Mivardi rapid Crazy liver boilie from the Natural concept 24mm series, which I supplemented with 14mm floats in pineapple or devil squid flavor.


The first shot after less than 24 hours of hunting, which I turned into a beautiful, scaly and grazed Carp after an amazing fight from a boat over great depths, convinced me that I chose the chosen area as well as the tactics, baits, assemblies and specific places correctly. eggplant weighing 17kg! She couldn't resist the combination of our crazy livers with a pineapple float.


I also enjoyed fighting this beautiful fish thanks to the new set of Stalker FC 10ft / 3lb rods with Lynx LX reels, which I evaluate only in superlatives. In particular, the Stalker FC rods fit me, as they say, like a butt on a pot ‘‘ and from the first fight with them, I think that the classic carp rods with a length of 3.6 m will not just take my hands.
In addition to this catch, I caught two more carp, one around 10kg and the other smaller. I would definitely do more fish if the peace in the hunting ground was not disturbed by the ruthless captain of the sailboat, which he anchored right next to my assemblies - unfortunately this also belongs to hunting on dams and not only here.


I enjoyed the whole event in the beautiful nature of this valley reservoir as much as possible and I could not get enough of the loneliness and silence, disturbed only by the singing of wild birds, the barking of betrayed roe deer and catches of pain on the water surface.
With this expedition, I blew a little inside of my inner, already fading flame of passion for fishing for big carp on Czech bundles, and I promised myself that I would return to this dam behind the big carp this year.

For Tropic Fishing and the Mivardi Team
Honza Carpkiller Hubka




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