MIVARDI CZ - Bobrman - Fish of my life - carp 30+ part. I.

04. 08. 19


What a man gets by fishing and what he loses is about this story, the story of one fish, people, fishermen, carp anglers. I hope that this message will lead to reflection rather than a celebration of success. A carp and a piece of life with him, a fish that took a lot and gave a lot. Paradoxically, even if I described the whole story on the pages of a long text, it was best summarized by a long-time friend who went a long way with me, Luděk Černý:


"Six years ago, I didn't believe it, nor did you want it. You lost because of this fish, a lot of friends (maybe well). Of course, I'd like to catch her at 30+. But I wish you over 30+ as the only one. It may be selfishness, but you think this fish has been named and you have the right to be the first to weigh it in this size. So buddy, even the colour of our jerseys will never separate us. And to remember, it will cost you a lot, even for Jaroslav Bárta ".
The story of connecting three friends.


Here you have to start from the end. Just so I go out with my son Pavlik, for peace and quiet. We catch some white fish on the float, still, learn, and it's time to add some of the classic bolognese reels to the whip hunt. I will only be part of this fun. Marginal affair. I guess I'm going late anyway, the fish will probably be wiped out, but I welcome the two throws on the shallower. Whatever it is, there is plenty of fun for the worm, but only in the early evening and especially the fish does not behave as it is in the season. Weird, we're out of focus. The next morning, I get up early and go over, elsewhere, another part, different depths, something tells me that the fish is probably not yet ready and somewhere just standing and waiting for the development of the weather, after part of the beautiful April turned and just cold and rain. Sometimes I see the sun! And that's the impulse! Only then is in contact with the fish!


It is definitely interesting that I didn't crack any big fish right now and I adjusted the feed to a much more accurate feed from the shore and in a larger batch of large pellets EASY CATCH and TURBO, SEA boilies in the new NATURAL CONCEPT coat I had my traditional thirty balls per rod. A simple strategy. And he really did, after a series of smaller carp. But always, just under the sunshine.


I had no more energy, the battle was incredibly long, it was clear to me that we were only sharing it together, at the right time, in its greatest and least of my strength! But about a few lines below. He won and did what he wanted with me for a long time. When I really literally slipped it into a landing net it was as if everything had fallen from me! It's like it's over. After two days when my colleague Jarda Dufek called me and asked me how I felt, I say nothing, completely empty. I remembered my favourite film, Forest Gump and Lieutenant Dan. I, too, reconciled myself to the Gods.
Therefore, this fish will never be subject to any record reporting, no matter how much it takes, it will only be part of my destiny.


At the beginning of the story was a coincidence and hunting on the water, which was beautiful for me with its complexity. The fateful hunt of autumn 2013. It sounds stupid, but I was looking for it a lot and that day I threw the bait at least 15 times, something still didn't seem to me. I fed a lot and made a mega PVA set. So that the bottom presentation is really luxurious. In the evening, it was overcast and a truly unbelievable storm began, followed by a very long downpour. After five minutes, two really big wounds on the surface was how a little baby jumps into the water. I went twice to see what was happening, but I couldn't see anything in the darkness that had occurred in the meantime and the heavy rain. Careful shot and after the ON, for the first time, the fish I did not expect. The monster, when it comes to bodybuilding, he never sounds in the picture, is incredibly built, impressive is his width in the back. This must be seen and experienced. I considered it and reached an incredible weight of 24.2kg.






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