MIVARDI CZ - Bobrman - Fish of my life - carp 30+ part. II.

11. 08. 19


I was really happy, great and what was my biggest mistake, I posted the fish, shared it with my friends. It was how shocking it was on my FB, and my friends and colleagues, which I recognized, shocked me. There is no such fish! That was the message of the wise. After two days I would rather say that I had a bad weight. The first time I caught this fish I lost more than I got. But I was hoping someone else would be caught and documented.


Years go by, and the fish finally catches up, those who know it already know. He gets mean "internal" name, VOHRALÍK at the boys who hunt here. And I still want to catch it again, but my fate doesn't give it to me. I do not look at the term, weather, seasons. The fish is still growing and gaining weight, but it also falls on the weight !!! It will also go through its crisis. In the fall of 2014, a larger number of smaller carp are deployed in the district. And her weight in the summer of 2015 is only 22.5 kg, it will catch her friend Luda Cerny again. Then also 21.5 kg what I am told by the guys who commute regularly. I'm already thinking it's her end, he's going down. Also, a few larger fish disappear from the district and I don't have a message about it for some time. I'll catch an incredible number of beautiful fish at that time, but not just one, but they'll catch up again.


But he has his take-offs and sinks according to the season, so we are doing it the same, sometimes swim in the swimsuit, in his power it just is, but now he began to flourish again.
When the next fateful day of this long chase comes. I have had a difficult working period, even though I do not feel good, I'm going to help friends who have a problem with fish at stud, terrible hard work, I'm really at the forefront. In the morning I go to show one customer a breakdown on wallboard and turn off my right leg while walking. I'll break the wall there as the circus tent slides down.


I have to shut down, go fishing, I'll tell myself and pack myself to the water. I will climb a beautiful smaller fish, I will go ashore, freeze in my back and I will not know anything, I do not know how long I lie there, I cannot move the body a centimetre. The slightest attempt to shift even by a centimetre is not possible. I have to, or else I'll probably be here. After two hours of pain, which no one can imagine crawling to the phone. Friend Martin Kazda freed me back then. After half a year almost without sleep is clear, the spine. Even so, I still hunt, that is, if possible, with someone.


The day I got out of the office of Mr Primary, I was as if you took me all the toys. Who was that year at the RCCC will remember how I worked rods and kneeling and crawled out of the deckchair because I just said that I was going even if I was going to die there, I drove, and in front of the house, my friends had to take me out of the car.


All my life in sports and I left the University Hospital with the possibility of running classic skiing and roller skating. Well, for sure, after a month of shaking I went to Vohralík. With everything, you want to learn to live and I could recount to him. But we are already at a time when it has reached the reported weight of over twenty-seven pounds, and then a friend who doesn't catch the catch publicly calls it twenty-nine.





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