MIVARDI CZ - Bobrman - Fish of my life - carp 30+ part. III.

26. 08. 19


My son is already fishing with me and we are enjoying the last trips of the week before going to school and only relying on weekends. This event is different, for peace. We enjoy fishing for pearl and perch. A friend of Jára Bárta arrives, his son has already caught this fish. But she's not our target today, just a hunt. I will make the whole carp fishing strategy a trip with my son, quite differently than I would normally do! So I have the greatest amount of time on it. We really enjoy life by the water. It's morning and the sun shines, suddenly and very intensely. Careful shot. However, the fish will make an incredible manoeuvre, and as a tank, they will set off perpendicularly to the deeper part of the district. It's like pulling a panel out of the water…


I'm so exhausted. Jarda and Pavlik are in shock as I am, what we remove from the landing net is really ON, but in full force and ready in the period when it reaches its maximum! It's not a fish but a monster. We take a large pad of a friend and still put a smaller one on top, the fish must have the best comfort it can. I'm in a trance, Pavlík and Jára too. We carry him as a wounded soldier, two, still staring at him and enjoying it. The sun is moving at full speed. We'll give some photos and short videos. Well document where it got. Do not expect any foreground here, like from carpentry presentations, it is not even possible for me, the spine will not allow it. Fish photographed and shot on the body.


I already have armour in my hands and back, but I will risk it. This may reduce the quality of the photo, but the video has beautifully documented its strength. Jarda asks me if we appreciate, I don't want to, I don't care, I'm not interested in it, I got mine, but she convinces me. We have to know that. We will consider, subtract the weighing jacket, I ask Jarda to say the verdict, I do not want to say it, it is unbelievable 30.2kg. The sun does not want much of us at that moment, not even fish, we know that the documentation will not be ideal, but we drive as fast as possible, still pouring and wanting to bring it back in complete health.


It is a success amplified by the fact that I have achieved it with my son and one of the best friends I have met at the water. It was a pity that Ludek was not here, they missed the day when he came to chat with the fish. Could be the whole group together.

It is a challenge for MIVARDI, which is just finishing with the completion of the new generation of NATURAL CONCEPT boilies, and I have just had SEA with me to catch the fish of my life. In fact, thanks to this fish and the tangle of events, I am now part of this company, which goes rocket up and with a fine team that is very professional in my eyes. We all really care about the look and functionality of the new boilies. We have been working on it for a few months now and we want to give RAPID feeders a really honest ball! Nowadays, a few people have time to go home, the time is getting faster and the fisherman likes to drink water every minute, so the new vision is to have classic bag boilies in quality and rolled structure.


No, the fish will not be part of the record-breaking game, and I wish to catch it from the heart whenever it reaches its maximum and I will be happy with its dispositions when someone catches it again and on a higher weight. For me, it's no longer a goal. I really have a problem hunting on, I still have it in front of me, I don't feel like casting anymore, I wonder what next? We are at home and I do not want to go to the water, with a carp, but after a week I accidentally go to the sandbox, catch a carp about eight kilograms and let it go after the catch, then a dozen, or I do not take it on the mat. Then comes a beautiful huge bream, a really handsome, seventy-year-old, and everything goes back to normal, the fish seems to have restarted me, I'll take a picture of it and I'm very pleased, it's all right again!
  My goal in the coming years is to promote fishing leading to its roots, joy! I will continue to search for small waters, forgotten grounds or forgotten. I will return to the river again, and I enjoy the day after more pause more and more especially the upper sections!


 And it is not after all the achievements that push us, big defeats give birth to great victories. I would have forgotten a thing that had failed and was another goal with the whole celebration of the catch. A tiny sandpit, small and abandoned, I wanted to hunt down some abandoned native here, all in the pace of a quick walk. Three to six hours. But I couldn't do it, I had only one shot from a smaller fish and it still fell when I was fighting. This will be the next target and Pája will be chasing the pearls and roaches.


But I would be very happy if this story served more like a lesson for all those who are around the carp. The evil and the hatred must disappear and we must pass on the fern as a sport to another fisherman as a hobby of friendship and experience. Even this fish influenced me and changed my view not only fishing but also personal.
Beautiful moments by the water to all of you.

Pavel Vohralík
Media manager MIVARDI





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