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21. 06. 14


New series of the carp baits and groundbaits MIVARDI RAPID consist of the readymade boilies, pellets, boilie mixes and many liquids, dips and other additives necessary for your fi shing success. These baits come from the well known and proven products of the Carp Devil Baits brand (CDB) that became a part of MIVARDI brand from the season 2012. The most popular products as the Carp goulash, Cherry, Squid as well as the famous pellets are still available and they keep their original recipes.

The former owner of the CDB brand and the author of these recipes Mr. Alois Fiala continues his work as a director of development and production of the MIVARDI RAPID baits. His experience with the carp baits gained over the years has been connected with the MIVARDI brand that allows a continuous and unlimited development for the future.
Recently built up production line has the biggest production capacity of the carp baits in the Czech Republic. The new production process using a dry extrusion pre-processing of all components improves the attractiveness and digestibility of the bait but it still keeps its original recipe. The big advantage of this new technology is much better function in the cold water.

Anglická jahoda kaprům chutná

Season 2014

The family of special carp fishing baits RAPID starts the season2014 with fundamental innovations. All series have been improved thanks to the new technology of gentle stabilization and conservation called R-FACTOR. Totally new are the highest quality essences exclusively prepared for our brand in the specialized laboratory for boilie flavours from UK. The boilie essences should meet the strict requirements that some food industry flavours cannot follow (long time stability, e.g.).


The new family of RAPID boilies consists of three series - Champion Platinum, Excellent and the Easy Catch. Most of our boilies and pellets contain some new and really efficient ingredients such as predigested fish protein concentrate CPSP90, some special krill meals, liver extracts, pure squid meal, etc. The Mivardi brand also has a certification from the Haith's company from the UK that is the exclusive supplier of the Robin Red (TM).
Beside the boilie series we prepared a significant innovation of the pellets and the other supplements (Pop Up, Boilie paste, ... ). All news have been carefully and successfully tested in various weather conditions at different venues in the Czech Republic and the other countries.





After the long time of development and testing we are proud to introduce the R-FACTOR. It is a special mixture of liquids used in the production of RAPID baits. The aim of this additive is an extremely gentle stabilization and conservation of the ready-made boilies and the other products (Boilie paste, Pop Up, etc.). This supplement doesn't change the pH or the taste of the boilie. With R-FACTOR we can achieve an optimum consistence and keep it stable for the long time but it doesn't impede to make the food signal around the boilie. An interesting side effect of this additive is a rich colour of the boilie because the R-FACTOR supports the function of the colour pigments. Really impressive is the function of the boilies in the water. The thin and soft layer starts to be created on the surface in a short time and it progressively expands to the centre of the boile. The diameter of the boilie is being slightly increased. But the centre remains hard and compact. In this way it helps to keep a rig with this bait in the water more than 24 hours (depends on the conditions at the venue).


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