15. 02. 21


Small local lakes are among my favorite and most visited sites. Each arm hides its jewels. There are various obstacles in most such waters, and carp fishing there is usually challenging, but all the more beautiful. I caught on various rivers, dams, gravel pits, but I liked carp fishing on a beautiful overgrown lake the most. As a little boy, my father took me to a beautiful, old, overgrown lake, about which I learned at an older age that the old Nitra river used to flow here. What fascinated me most about the nature around me.


This year I decided to return to that place again, it was unreal, as if I was going back to the old days and getting used to everything my father had taught me there at the time. When I returned here years later, I was amazed at how time changed this magical place. The nature around the lake remained untouched, as if no one even went there.


The water I remember from my childhood was almost unobstructed. Years ago, the lake was clear, only here and there you could see fallen branches of trees. The fishermen caught up easily and did not have to worry about carp or grass carp becoming entangled in fallen trees or other obstacles. Well, when I stopped by the water, got out of the car and started to look around, I didn't see a single fisherman. It was early in the morning, the rain was falling from the sky, but I knew right away that this was the right place and the right time to fish. I walked and watched the water for any fish on the surface in the spot I had chosen. Fortunately, I had a slice of bread with me, which I scattered piece by piece on the surface. I sat down in my chair and watched what would happen. After about half an hour, a torpedo of about a meter jumped out, I couldn't believe my eyes. I immediately wanted to get this beauty hooked. I didn't expect anything like this to happen at all, and I was happy to unpack slowly and quietly so as not to cause unnecessarily much traffic around the place.


The first thing that fell into my hands was the new Stalker rods, which I was looking forward to as a little boy. They had their premiere on this day and I put all my trust in them and I believed that they would definitely not disappoint me today.
I got up a bit in the morning and picked out the food to take with me. The choice was difficult, I put an English strawberry vs. Carp goulash, but for me the winner was Carp goulash. Not that English strawberry is bad, I have a pile of nice fish caught on it, but Carp goulash is a matter of the heart for me. I had a choice of boilies. I opted for my proven simple assembly, which consists of only a 25lb SKINLINE STRIPSHIELD cord and an M-Point CS hook in size no. 5.
Upon arrival at the place, I immediately soaked about a kilo of boilies in a bucket of water from the lake and grabbed a bottle of AMINO LIQUID flavor B17, which I always had in the car in case of emergency.
Always before hunting, I first run a smaller lead bottom so that I know if there are any obstacles below the surface. I tapped the bottom properly and found that two meters from the shore is a harder subsoil. So I took a marker, and measured a depth that was an incredible two meters right on the shore. I found out that it is the old bed of the Nitra river and I measured its depth to a maximum of 1.5 m in other places.


It was probably the deepest place in the lake, where my first assembly went without any hesitation. I put one 20mm ball of Carp Goulash under the hook, which I trimmed to look like a soccer ball. For the second assembly, I made a snowman, under which I hung a stocking in which 4 boilies were crushed, almost to dust. I used the same boilies on the first rod and enriched it with a 14mm Pop Up Crazy liver. This shot was aimed at a shallow shelf, where the depth was 0.8 m. After throwing the rods into the water, I threw about a handful of balls in each place and fed one handful regularly every hour. When, after a long time, the fish did not taste like carp goulash, I decided to treat the fish a meter further. I cast the rod with the hope that the spool would start buzzing. The carp goulash worked and in less than half an hour a sharp bite came. It was an unreal fight, I felt like I was pulling a submarine that I couldn't turn away from sunken obstacles. After a hard fight, an unreal submarine from Russia appeared on the mat. The worst is when you pull the grass carp and make such lunges by the shore, and you are afraid that you will come for him. It never occurred to me in a dream that I would catch such a beautiful fish on such a small, forgotten water. Yes, it was almost a meter long. He was only 5 centimeters away from the subway. I quickly took a picture of the handsome man and let him back into his kingdom. I like fishing for grass carp, even though it is an unwanted fish for many carp anglers. Although I don't quite understand it that way.
After overcoming the beautiful cupid, there was silence. The surface remained silent, as if there were not a single fish. The sun was slowly setting, and I slowly began to wrap myself in thicker clothes. It's October and the nights aren't the hottest anymore, so I made tea and waited for the shot.


As it got dark, I heard the left beacon sound. I expected it to be a ride, but I waited in vain. The fish slowly kited and in my mind I thought that at the end there would be a hanging snags. In the meantime, I caught quite a few of them there. But the moment I started reeling more and more, the rodeo started. I knew there would be something bigger in the end. The bite came around 8 o'clock in the evening, and at the end I had another torpedo from a small local water.
The brother of the previous one probably showed me in the pad, because he came from the same place, he just had a damaged dorsal fin. It was a very similarly built fish, only a few centimeters smaller.


He measured an incredible 93cm. I was very satisfied, and I said to myself that I had to plan another, but more day trip for this water, because it was really worth it. The next morning I wanted to change my spots, because it calmed down overnight and I didn't even see the movement of fish in the area. So I decided to move to another lake with only lunch. The next day I had to go to work, so I wanted to relax a bit, so that I would not relax mentally, but physically I'm always tired after fishing. After coming to the next spot, I tried the same tactics as the day before. All the time I pulled out only three slappers and one more beautiful crucian at this place. It was half past nine when I said to myself that I would slowly start packing things in the car. As I was preparing another stocking, I just heard the beacon. Yeah! It was another cupid to the third. He was the greatest of all. He was up to 108cm.


It was a beautiful end to my expedition. I will definitely be back there again. The scenery around was something incredible. The birds sang from all sides, the butterflies flew directly above me and there was nothing to be heard in the surroundings but pure nature, which is saying goodbye to summer and getting ready for the cold winter. It was an incredible experience.
Unfortunately, not a single shot came for lunch, but I was still incredibly happy, which I managed to catch. I hope that I will be able to visit this local water even more times and that I will be able to pull a nice carp from there. I wish all of them a similar experience to my success and that of Peter!




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