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20. 08. 20


One of the best expeditions last season! I have already described the first visit to Pálava in one of last year's issues, but the second one was incredibly demanding and very successful. It all started with a beautiful sunny day. Loading the ship was a cool thing. Until it seemed weird with Michal, two days old prediction. Well, it is good to enjoy. Traditionally we have such a relaxing day on the first day, due to the tactics we choose, we are successful only the next days, and especially the beginning full of preparations is demanding also physically.


At night it began to pull heavily, an impulse to massive fattening. We thought that this weather change could be a good signal to trigger carp feasts. I'm not quite a fan, I prefer to feed gradually and increase the dose only when contact with fish, but what rolled on us according to the radar led us to the opposite solution. The preference boilies SEA, whose name itself suggests the content of seafood delicacies that carp really love oilseed rape. We both had enough. We drive not by chance, but according to precisely observed data. Moon phase, pressure, water temperature. Right now everything fell into place. It starts to rain occasionally and the carp react immediately!


Initially, it is only rain bands, ten-minute rain and clear after. I manage a series of few carps, and then two beautiful scales. I'm starting to tact with the distance of the boilies from the hook. Again, a very simple rig, 30 cm long, from the drawstring, which is tied to the hook of the AS M-point number 4 as a standard 6-wrap. Undressed, I just leave the end for threading the boilies. I only solve the distance of the ball from the hook and the size of the diameter of the boilies. Michal Ludvík goes his own and combines boilies with pop, a classic man, but it brings him shots of smaller fish. I'm going to increase the distance from the hook to 5 cm with a single 24 mm boilie ball and still heavily pinned in Liquid Food SEA. I always add one successful rod after one pound of rapeseed and half a pound of boilies.
It starts to rain, now heavily! You have one problem on the ship, namely the number of clothes you have to change, and then the minimum amount of space for drying. I dress the last dry things, the cooling is radical, the wind gets stronger, the waves are quite high. Vigorous shot from the largest of the vases I found in our area. I go fishing, and I say goodbye to my last dry clothes after a few minutes on a boat, each wave gives me a total shower. It is clear that I will spend more time here than usual, although the carp set out in the first phase of the fight, but soon found another. So I ride the anchor almost 40 minutes from tie to tie, and I always find carp moving in those unreal waves. Strong fish, trying to keep it above the next big decaying tree at the bottom, which I am doing. The G50 is at its maximum, just like the whole assembly. It is hard to manoeuvre with one hand on the engine, a boat against the waves, with a rod in the other hand to the fish, and still to take it. Unfortunately, man is not equipped with this third hand by nature.


Several times I have to turn the boat to the fish again, the wind has moved us incredibly, you can know the power of nature on the boat. But it succeeds, a beautiful blaze conquered. Sometimes it is like you really like to see another ugly guy near you, that was the feeling when I got back to the ship. I quickly changed into semi-dry things, mine weighed several tens of kilograms, quickly take a picture of the fish. It is a problem, there is such a thick fog that in combination with falling darkness makes it impossible to take a good photo. Canon does not want to focus properly. But what, we're walking across from the health of the fish and letting it quickly back into the ground. Her body structure is very promising to please other fishermen.
I no longer have any brand dry stuff including socks. What is good for us carp anglers are incredibly large bags with equipment where there are many things from the previous few seasons, just for a moment neglected. Something like a ladies handbag. Michal freaks out one thin sock. And he will give them to me! One of the most beautiful and valuable gifts this year.


I go to sleep in the wading trousers we had to pull the boat to the water, they are dry under the couch. Strangely enough, the darkness of the shots is very calm, and it is not until the gloomy morning that another wave of carp activity begins. At least we will gain strength, and in September you will appreciate warm tea.
In the morning we gradually feed on the successful spots and the incredible bite madness is starting, something like a finish. There is no clock that we cannot overcome one or the other carp crew. Again, the selection pays off, and the following two poppers are worth the documentation. Michal also begins to speculate a lot with the rigs and extends the distance from the hook. It pays tremendously to him and he is already a rhythm of bigger carp. It is a trance hunt where you do not feel tired, snagged, overcome, catch documentation and reinserting. Like a robot, just on energy bars. There is no point in cooking or delaying food preparation in such a hunt.
The next two days of this gruelling pace, when we, as well as our equipment, see how much has actually been consumed. 30 kg of SEA Champion Platinum boilies and 80 kg of steamed oilseed rape. And we try to feed it exactly. Michal will document two nice fish, and then he will also have one of the nutritional fights with the local fighter; Thirty-five minutes when you just watch a partner fight on the water and you can just cheer him. We are a great team, in such a small space of the ship can not even otherwise, for a few days closer to you than your wife. We want to catch each other, and that's how it should be, fishing is all about friendship, support and common goals and experiences.
The scar with healed tail fin is on the boat, this time we have quite a fair light for documentation. We can make a beautiful photo of a big fish. Michal is evidence of the importance of changing anything in a fern during hunting, depending on the conditions and activity of the fish. Changing the leader and bait presentation was crucial in his case. I often watch fishermen who set their tactics before hunting and strictly observe it, despite the failure, throughout the hunt, it is important, on long trips, to really think about every step, every little thing, not only according to the intensity of the shots, but also elected places to hunt. I always try to imagine how a fish will react in a given place. Accordingly, I choose the location of the assembly to the tie or obstacle, as well as the strategy of fighting.


Meditation after being released to the freedom of a beautiful scum ends in the sound of a detector. Misha, you go back to the water, and not again for a short time, I watch how long the fish keeps at the bottom and plays with the fisherman on the water for a while. Michal is an incredibly experienced fisherman in this area. So in a short while in our modest dormitory guest is a dark mirror! Beautiful body structure. It is a joy after a large number of scales. I quickly set up a tripod and start taking pictures, but that is signalled by another piece on the line. You've got to believe me, Michael, the few squeezes I've done, I'm leaving.


So I leave very slowly because the battery to the engine reports the end of its capabilities. On the paddles, the only option. But Mr. Carp is merciful and he seems to have known that my battery is too low. The duel is not as infinitely long as usual. However, the fish is again rare by its colour. Beautiful gray gray coot. I arrive at the ship and, after documenting the catch, throw a brief consultation. Our clothes in a state of useless, force at the end, it's time to say goodbye and look among the "normal" fellow citizens. What more could you want than a short expedition, with sixty-one carp conquered. The experience, the euphoria, the adrenaline. We anchor and slowly roll to the shore, everything in health completed. Here I would like to make a small comment… I have a great deal of respect for these vast waters, when I go for water, with the weather and change radar still on, always with a life jacket. Always with the good feeling that on the shore you wish another successful hunt before leaving!
Just like Michal Louis and I wish Luke, our story is over, his story begins, he is loading the ship on his expedition. We wish him good luck.
Beautiful and successful days by the water to all of you. Pavel Bobrman Vohralik.




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