Pavel Bobrman Vohralík - MIVARDI CZ - Hilarious - successful fishing trip - Article I.

13. 05. 19


I will be fishing in very cold water. Two days off is a great rarity for me. Beautiful fifty hours of fishing. I prepared everything in advance for my fishing supply and go for my favourite fishing grounds, find the best possible place and enjoy two days of peace and tranquillity. Upon arrival at the sandpit, I take a place downwind in a small cove, spread out the brolly, bedchair, sleeping bag, everything ready to fish, establish and cast out. After two hours, the first carp, a beautifully built scale sixty-six. Well, I'll let you enjoy it! Every day, everyone at work, what more could you want. Late autumn is beautiful this year, enjoying a sunny day.

Another shot around the third afternoon is already with the assistance of two fishermen, who have apparently also come to enjoy the rest of the day. This time a beautiful carp, who is not much missing in seventy.



Good-hearted unknown, who helped me to fish and look around. And I like them very much here. Though the whole district is free, they are just next to me, just a few meters from my rods. Sometimes I find that even sixteen hectares are few. Well, the next hour will decide how we roll it in together. After the third pull of my colleagues, I decide that it will not be ideal and still while I can see, I pack and move! I throw everything in the rush and go looking. I come to the river almost in the dark, the autumn edge of day and night is very fast. So it is still a few hours, I will put both rods along the bank, throw a few boilies. Just a test on the offshore edge, our upper Elbe is more like a channel in these places, so there is not much to try. About ten o'clock in the morning, a little exercise and a chick to diversify. So I say, it's a day! Even before the closing time, a shot from a forty-year-old carp. I guess I underestimated a ball of eighteen millimetres of appetite from the locals.


I'm looking forward to the morning. I'm preparing new assemblies, further from the hook, 24mm boilies. I'm gonna swap both areas. And I'm going to lie down. The morning is getting tough. But it's morning by the water, what more could you want. Even in the dark, right after the rods, the ride and a beautiful duel, after a fast ride, but again classic sixty-five. I took my coffee and enjoy the dawn. The splendid atmosphere is ended by the rumble of machinery and start-up techniques. Well, this is the morning, I completely forgot about the bike path, which is directly under construction. I can still last a few hours. The fish might have moved out of the way. I am considering what to do next, the third departure and the second move within two days, unfortunately, it is so. I'll have my favourite Tatranka for lunch and other equipment.


I will go from the river to the state and think that if this is not the case, it will probably be better to head home and go another time when there is a little more time. I'm returning to Hradec and stop to refuel. I'll have some coffee. Somehow I don't want to end everything. What if it won't be next, what if frost comes. A saving thought, instead of the last hope, to turn to the nearest roundabout and still go looking. It was only around 3 pm that I settled down again. Even laziness is winning, nothing is actually unwrapping. I throw it in the open, just a couch and a sleeping bag. My favourite SEA from the Champion Platinum range and coming back to the traditional 18mm diameter. I am not looking for anything complicated, I simply go to places I know to a deeper place where there is a large sand spot in four meters. A place that has helped me many times. But lately, it has been unfriendly to me.

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