Pavel Bobrman Vohralík - MIVARDI CZ - Hilarious - successful fishing trip - Article II.

25. 05. 19


One rod on the right side of the board, the other on the left. The early evening is beautiful. Nothing in the dark, but I didn't even promise anything, fatigue was overwhelming. Instead of a quiet two-hole madhouse. Once again I serve thirty balls at each of the places. Nothing to ten, just beep. It is pulling! I fall and sleep like a baby. Unfortunately, I don't wake up the phone's alarm clock, but the rain. So I missed it. Let Holt show the sleeping bag. I'm not pulling anything out of the car anymore. The alarm clock rings after an hour of heavy rain. I'm going to import it there, the expedition has gone down to the last five hours.

I choose the method for Uncle Skrble. Just a few boilies of PVA tape on the bait. Nothing more friends will leave me today. I'm going to yesterday's place and wrapping a wet sleeping bag with a couch. I have a shot on the left rod that resembles a high-speed ride. Somehow I still can't work with the fish and turn the situation in my favour.



So far, the fish is the master! But I know that there is not much tie, if I keep it within 100 meters of each other, I have taken a lot from the winch, but thanks to the constant "braking" of the coil, not so much. Just don't do any stupid thing about anything else. Patience! A meter by meter, always rewind and a few meters to lose in a fish lunge. But the development of the duel revolves, starting to approach my place. The fish is already quite close to me, but as it smells the steep edge of the shore, it pours more oxygen into its blood and again it is a struggle for every meter! Well, I already have a wet hooded sweatshirt after the rain, so I sweat the sweatpants. What else do you want to do in rubber slippers other than with a rod in one and a landing net in the other hand in the water? Cool it cool.


A lot of colleagues and friends laugh at me all year long that I use CamoCODE. Why? It has an extra pole, it is extremely long, but I like to use it a lot and it has helped me a lot of times. I don't want to fight with an important fish in a duel to the bank. Then just watch me fall off the short landing net. So I'll listen to the fact that I pull a high pole to the water. It's a long fight here. The fight, which will end soon, the game just the last meters! Lunges are short but there is a lot of weight in them. I haven't seen the fish yet, but I will decide for a simple manoeuvre, I am stale, the rod is long, I will risk undermining the first time I pull the fish to the surface. I pull the brake lightly up and pick up the fish. I want to see the fish right now, flipping the spool and tumbling the reed by the water, looking into the net. It was worth it. I didn't even notice that it was starting to dawn. I leave the carp in the landing net for a moment and change into dry things. I hoist a luxury carp and transfer it to the mat. I take the camera out of the car on a tripod and take a self-timer. Concentrating on maximum, I get a congratulatory shout and applause from the fishermen I didn't even notice. As in the National Theater.


Still in the speed of dofotím details of the beautiful fish and go back to the district. A carp with a giant figure seems to have taken its strength and is leaving its majestic body movement. I'm not going to catch on anymore, I'll take out the second rod, sit down, cook my coffee and enjoy the morning. It was worth it, like yeah! As the next days show, the strong frosts are already at the doorstep. So happy ending of the whole season and now just a hard-working winter season and looking forward to the first cold spring days and another carp giant.
Successful days for all of you.

Pavel Bobrman Vohralik







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