Prchlajz is rushing again...

20. 08. 18


Hello to everybody! After the first successful walk I arrived at the crime scene the next day. Since she was quite successful, before I went to work, I fed a decent amount of boilie. As soon as I unpacked, I saw a lot of good fish activity and rushed to get the rods out...

I put the rods in the same spots as the day before and waited again. Until darkness, nothing happened even though the carp were active in the area. With the darkness, the first shot came from a smaller fish. It was about ten kilograms, which took two Cherry baits at the bottom. Ten minutes later, the same rod began, and the fish was better.


A beautiful battle and end of the older dark lyse of photogenic size. Again, I was relieved with a sense of satisfaction. The morning before I left, I managed another shot and it was time to go to work. The number of shots was once again satisfactory, so I fed the spot again for an evening trip. Good luck with the water.


Jan Prchlík





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