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20. 06. 20


On 2 - 6 October 2019, our RCCC Czech Fishing Club, in cooperation with the City of Čelákovice, its MO ČRS and ČRS SÚS, organized the tenth annual RCCC ČRS SÚS and I, traditionally for the third time as chairman, hunter, moderator and manager of CZ MIVARDI team. It is the most prestigious and most difficult race in laid individuals, only offshore and without the help of another. The scoring fish is recognized by the hunter only when it is placed on the ground. The competition was announced for the credit of the three heaviest catches from 4kg weight. The duration of the race of 92 hours on a 6 km stretch of the Elbe River, with a total of 48 competitors in four sectors, made this event unique. The purpose of this race is to support the Czech Fishing Clubs, fishing youth events and especially the support of children who were not so lucky.


The child's face of this year's race was eleven-year-old Michalka, who is due to her illness in a wheelchair, which has collected 200,000 crowns and was invited with her parents to the closing ceremony, which was thanks to eternally optimistic girl incredibly perfect.


Dušan Hýbner, the chairman of the SÚS, is also going to talk before the race. We talk a lot about the future of carp fishing very openly. I am also glad that we saw each other face to face and could exchange a few words on some topics!

In the original version of the nomination I had three guys. Already very experienced Radek Zach, Honza Zadina and young, only sixteen-year-old beginning carp fisherman David Mach from MO Kolín. Sunday morning, we are going to leave, because from Sunday afternoon with boys, friends from the club in the meadow in Sedlčánky we prepare the event. Honza Zadina badly injured his leg, so three days before the start of the race was not easy to solve a replacement! On Tuesday, the day to start, Mr. Kotek and his son, Vojta, come to help us well, from the activities of the fishing ring that we support and I also have lectures for children! We cooperate with Vojta MIVARDI even though he is still in the feeder category, but he shows excellent results there. He is 14 !!! I raise the topic, what if he attended the event as a racer! Well, when Mom says! Mum gives consent, but only after Thursday afternoon after school! So what-by, I put the youngest "horse" into such a difficult race and with a handicap! I think, at least, she will get bogged down for MIVARDI in the adult competition, and I have no idea what will happen later.


The ticket, the RCCC system is original, a system that I developed for the event exactly eight years ago, but it can be treacherous, my longtime partner Kabo Kanclíř pulls twenty in order to draw! This is not very good in this system of draw pairs and later division into individuals, we watch good places disappearing before our eyes! In the end, however, it is basically a pleasure, instead of 47/48, the lower TOP! The even odd system says that I am 48. Well, now I am shaking my head that I actually destroyed it myself, because in an effort to balance the sectors I moved it about 500m to the weir! Oh, it will be a shame if I fail! Everyone is already staring at me, as it is clear that I have to win! Our team is satisfied after the draw! So we'll see!

Weather forecast, this is a chapter for itself, it should be really incredibly unfavorable, strong wind and rain, it really will come true for meteorologists! One night for three shots I change my clothes three times and once during the picking and boots, because I was not exactly happy to step on a wet stone by the shore. Every flaw in your clothes, or a momentary comfort on a deck chair, you pay hard.


Everyone is already writing fish and I see the referee driving around me in the dark, I have clearly set a strategy in advance, I feed every two hours such an arc from my own shore to the other side, what an hour kilo boilies. Every 4 hours, if bream, rockers or deer twist my assembly! Well, it is strenuous and exhausting, but the effort is to capture the first points, around 22h I take a fish just above 4kg and the first points, I am going to improve it by ten in the morning and it's good, after the first night I'm second in the sector!


However, the upper sections are completely “running over”! There are better fixes! But all three of us are on the sector box after the first day! I keep going and there will be a surprise! At 11.00 exactly at the time of feeding great thirteen, Jirka Eichler, chairman of the local MO will call it straight as "Orange". It helps me a lot, but the rivals are really good! Milan Brejcha and Tomáš Bartoš still score points! Since the evening of the second day it is a race of the three of us! The third night I will add another fish over 13 kg, but I know that this will not be enough, Milan then hit a beautiful fish around 18 kg and it turns out, it is the key to future victory.

Our younger Vojta has already hit us in Sector 3, he found out what he had forgotten on the spot, but as the RCCC is called, he is a duel of knights and colleagues with the permission of the judges here and there will add a little bit of carp costume jewelry! Vojta starts to take office and after a while he writes the first points, while we can say three is worth! I still have to keep my high pace without sleep, from the beginning I work perfectly B17 RAPID of Champion Platinum series with pop-up REFLEX, but I will go the end without lightening and only one ball 5cm from the hook! Well done, once again I head to the race, great fish old man with Buldog visage and injured eye. For the old matador I write over 16kg! We have the last day and night ahead! Everybody starts to flourish on the right, Kabo goes for 47 fish after the fish, I do nothing all day, until two beautiful fish in the evening. But by this Milan Brejcha will sign his victory, thanks to heavier fish he is better depreciated and one fish 12.10kg sends me to the second place, by 300gr. Last night I work as a hell and watch the beautiful fish pulling our 14-year-old muscle breaker Vojta Kotek! In that night, no one of our troika will add more. But Vojta will climb to the second place in the sector! We take 2x second place in sectors and I second overall, I am proud of the MIVARDI team and thank everyone who represented our brand thank you!


Winners could be announced after the race. Representatives of SÚS ČRS came to the awards ceremony in the form of chairman Dušan Hýbner and Aleš Haluska, from the Rožmitál MO ČRS. The closing ceremony was also attended by representatives of fishing rings and organizers of fishing camps or events, who received support in the form of packages from sponsors and from the competitors themselves and organizers worth approx. 80.000, -. For information, packages for rings in Neratovice, Rožmitál, Votice, Beroun, Miřetice, Čelákovice, Týnec n / L, in Cheb were handed over, as well as packages for the Cup of Chairman of the SÚS, Children's Fishing Camp Zdechovice, MO Příbram camp.
The “Moneybox” event, which is a collection among all the participants of this race, raised 30.740CZK and this money will also be used as an initial amount to support another child's face of next year's RCCC, Irenka and Emička, two girls with serious illness.

For myself, as the chairman of the club, I'm really excited about the work of the judges and organizers, our club really went out and everything, including the huge transfer to Facebook clicked without any hesitation! Guys and girls really did! What definitely does not fit was excellent cooperation with MO Celakovice, Pavel Jindrich, Petr Dunik, Jirka Eichler and others helped us the whole race and at the same time acted as the Fishing Guard, because the rules of hunting are according to RŘ. It is also necessary to thank the Central Bohemian Union for their cooperation, without which we would not be able to organize this event, even though it is low-budget, but it is not possible to organize this prestigious event! The biggest thanks go to the vice chairman of our club. Miroslav Kumprecht took the position of the race director incredibly and he was still driving through the whole long section and constantly supervising the event! For all this I have my great admiration and respect!


Cups are handed out, we have cleaned the whole area, where the realization team had camp and we are going to our homes! Beautiful promotion of union carp fishing!

Pavel Vohralík
Media manager MIVARDI and chairman of RCCC z.s.



1st place Brejcha Milan 43,2kg
2nd place Pavel Bobrman Vohralík 42,9kg
3rd place Bartoš Tomáš 39,2kg




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