STALKER FC - Jan Prchlík - product description - part.II.

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I had the opportunity to try out all the mentioned types, whether from shore or boat. Even though the rods give a slim impression their blank is very powerful and solid. Even from the first impression of the thin rods, they are able to take the toughest lunges of the fighting large carp. At the same time you enjoy the rod action, which is really perfect. With these rods, if the angler is a light carp hobby, when he often walks a long distance around the water, he will be absolutely satisfied.


Their light weight and transport length is like this. Whether it is short-range hunting or where there is not much space on the shore, each of the possible variations will choose its own. The SIC ultralight eyelet is commonplace with this product as well as the FUJI reel seat. The rod handle is made of cork of the best quality and has a very pleasant feel. The finish is made in 3K cross carbon and the rod is very pleasing at first glance.


As for the actual catching and observations from practice, I was sitting in the three-meter version with a hardness of 3 lb, when I caught a decent portion of fish for a longer trip at one of the expeditions and quite a solid size. I had quite a lot of pressure on the rod and I enjoyed every fish. Similarly, when fishing from the shore during short walks, when I had the opportunity to try Stalkers on a hard fight when fishing near the shore around the heavy fish ties, when the largest spring was over 20 kg. I didn't notice the slightest problem or lack of them. So for me very nice rod, which is reliable even in difficult conditions, which I can highly recommend.



Product description

A luxurious series of carp rods with an extremely slim but very powerful blank. They feature low weight, great handling and superb action of the blank. They are designed for fishing at short distances, stalking, urban fishing, etc.. They are also suitable for fishing or playing the fish from the boat. Due to the short transport length they are easy to carry. The handle is made from the highest quality cork and fitted with FUJI reel seat. The 3K cross woven carbon surface perfectly fits the style of this rod. Of course the high quality SIC Ultralight guides are used as well.











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