New challenge named dam - Tomáš Lyčka - MIVARDI CZ

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The first walk on the new and very heavy water is behind me. I managed to make two bite of it, I only managed to overcome one fish and I had to go to the water for her to get her out of the sling. The other fish I did not turn was directly directed to the fallen trees in the water and cut out. The site was prepared for a long time with the Natural Concept SEA boilies of 20 and 24mm in diameter. One bite came at 2x24mm SEA, but I lost this fish. The second successful conquered carp with first swim in this year came for one 24mm Crazy Liver. I look forward to the next weekend, when I will return to this water and wait with great expectation for another succesfull fish. I wish all fishermen beautiful moments by the water. For Mivardi Tom Lycud



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My next fishing trip was ahead of me and I decided to go to the quarry. I chose the baits very colorful. I used 18mm pineapple N.BA boilies with Dumbells and one with Crazy Liver Dumbells for one rod. I put lead in ProActive Rapid Paste. I have highlighted the baits with a small PVA. Thanks to its attractive bait My Mx9 soon he sounded. After a long and hard fight I took the carp to my CamoCode Landing Net. I took a picture of the fish, let go and went home. I took a picture of the fish, let go and went home. Stefan


Yohan - MIVARDI FRANCE - Wild gravel pit II.

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I decided to fishing for the 18 mm Monster Crab pop-up with floating maize, all in Monster Crab dip. The next two rods will be one or two tigers nuts and 14mm Magic Fruit pop-up, it's the perfect trap! Days are quiet, we use opportunities to prepare places and rig. In the second night we caught another 6 carp, Magic Fruit is aptly named. In the early hours of the morning, I noticed a branch and fish moving around. We'll catch two carps more from that place and one will fall, but it's time to leave this little paradise!


Yohan - MIVARDI FRANCE - Wild gravel pit I.

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Yohan sent us a beautiful narration with a lot of catches. Thanks to the rich photo documentation we will divide into two messages: I'm here on a wild gravel pit that is unknown to me. The dream destination of my fishing. After careful lay down rig, we prepare a feed consisting of hemp seeds, tigers, corn and sweet corn pellets. It creates a good and attractive place. Rods are placed. At the end of the first night, I caught 7 carps, without loss due to thanks M POINT CS hooks in sizes 5 and 6.


MIVARDI goes in Europe too!

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These are the names that still exploring mivardi products, whether they are Tatiana from MIVARDI Croatia, or the very successful Italian Manuel, who catches beautiful carps. Mivardi is currently available in all countries of our continent. Great catches are often presented on Facebook by MIVARDI Polska. Small sunny waters of France is enjoying Damien. My favorite ways to choose new fish that I want to catch, but mainly to see how it looks with fishermen in other countries and it's very interesting. Very popular MIVARDI boilies is RAPID Excellent and especially Carp Goulash often blends in the reports! Meet European fishermen fishing on the MIVARDI!


Yohan - MIVARDI FRANCE – Fast fishing with family for 24 hours

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We already has received some nice news from the country of the Gallic Rooster last year. This year the first, but again beautiful fish, a great mirror with a raelly special scales. B17 from our very good mix - that was the basis of a successful fishing expedition! In action was too Method mix Rapid EXCELENT and MIVARDI halibut pellets. Thank you very much for posting and we are looking forward to the next news!


Jaromír Dufek – MIVARDI CZ – Spring

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Hi, I'm reporting from the water for the first time this year. Finally, after the working at the spring fishing shows, I could begin to implement the plans of early spring fishing. The first choice was a relatively large and complex standing site. For two weeks, I had been irregularly pre-feeding with a selection of a mixture of particles, pellets and boilies from 3-15 meters from the shore. The first three walks were in the spirit of bites from smaller carp or bream.


Mivardi DEUTSCHLAND - Saša Spammer - Cold days...

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The member of our team Saša Spammer spent a little time of fishing close to the end of the year. It was close before our first german expo in Wallau, but he made that fishing very productive. Beautifull caught carps in that cold days, which is documented by the enclosed photos. He took for a help CRAZY LIVER of the RAPID CHAMPION PLATINUM, PVA with pelets and liquid food liver. Great congratulation to Germany. MIVARDI


Manuel Corana - Mivardi Italia - A great start to the season!

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A truly luxurious first walk on the lake! A beautiful carp with unusual scales for a start and the second catch of the Italian fisher was definitely worth it! A great carp and again in use was RAPID EXCELLENT with Monster Crab flavouring and REFLEX Magic Fruit and CRAZY Liver pop ups! For the beginning of March, when the water was still very cold, this line in bait was absolutely ideal. Hunting for a snowman was a good choice! Just keep going for another perfect catch! Mivardi Italia has begun the season successfully!



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