Landing net Executive MK2 100 x 100 cm + landing net handle - our tip - photo documentation

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High-quality landing net with a robust construction and fish friendly quick-drying mesh. The milling center block and the stainless steel spigot joints of the arms guarantee uncompromising quality and durability. This landing net surpasses the excellent stiffness of the carbon arms and the two-section reinforced carbon handle. All this while maintaining a low weight.


Bivvy light Professional RC - Christmas 2018 - our tip...!

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An extremely handy and powerful hanging style bivvy light, powered by built in lithium batteries, with a maximum output 1.5 W and a maximum brightness of 150 lm. There are several lighting modes in both white and red, all accessed via the remote control.


Míša Nedělková - MIVARDI ČR - summer short tour

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Temperatures that last days are not ideal for carp fishing. In spite of that, we went out with a friend on a long weekend to the water. We chose the shallow part where the location of the carp was here and there. We took it as a relaxing weekend after long business days.


Radim Hanák - Mivardi ČR - six days on the lake

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On the second week of September, I was fishing a six-day trip for carp on one lake in Bohemia, where I had never fished before. After finding out all the necessary information I set off with my partner.



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I also got to water after working stress! For the last few weeks I had little time for my hobby, but this weekend was the time to spend a few hours of silence at the gravel lake. I started off early in the morning.


MIVARDI UK - Rod Jordan & Steve Lewis

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Managed to get back to the farm pond as the weather broke and temperatures plummeted. Chuffed with one of the original ornamental ghosties as well as a double take at 2.45am that resulted in probably the largest fish in the lake at 20lb 4oz.


Olivier and Kalou - MIVARDI FRANCE - the story of a rescued carp

20. 09. 18 | Category: Reports | Number of comments (0)

This carp, the first image they saved from the branches of sunken Olivier and Kalou from MIVARDI FRANCE, got a new chance. Carpathian, so catch and let's not just about catching on our hook. The great story that caught me in the mail had another, very funny sequel to this pair. It is really worth seeing the photo documentation. Oliver and Kalou were rewarded.


MIVARDI POLSKA - Michal Swaczyna...

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Sometimes it really needs to be refined, especially when the fish do not cooperate, invent something new, change the bait.


Deni and her catfish ...

20. 08. 18 | Category: Reports | Number of comments (0)

It so happens that I jumped on the lake for a day, with the intention of catching carp.

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