Wind in the right direction – MIVARDI CZ – Jiří Tunka

06. 04. 20 | Category: Reports | Number of comments (0)

Autumn came, and I took a short fishing outing to my favorite water. Underneath the hook, I used the Stinky Tonda in the gel atractor as usual. I really liked this boilies. I used a little to feed and chose boilies in the same flavor and halibut Rapid Classic pellets. I caught a few small fish, but I really enjoyed it. I hope Mivardi will put this boilies into production again. For MIVARDI PROMO team, Jiri Tunka


The first frost - Jan Zadina

23. 03. 20 | Category: Reports | Number of comments (0)

I chose an old, deep sand pit. I was fishing at a depth of 8 meters. Instead I went to feed regularly. I used Champion Platinum B17 and Sea balls. I made the rig from the SkinlineStripshield 25lb and M-Point CS size 6 hook. I wish everyone a beautiful frosty day by the water. For Mivardi Jan Zadina.


Autumn river - Pavel Krejčí

09. 03. 20 | Category: Reports | Number of comments (0)

I chose places above the weir, in a quieter part of the river. For feeding I used mixture of Rapid SweetCorn pellets size 4mm mixed with Method mix Rapid Excellent. I put this mix into PVA. M-Point WG hooks proved to be very good. For Mivardi Pavel Krejči


Rod Bands Professional - NEWS 2020

16. 02. 20 | Category: Reports | Number of comments (0)

The tapes are very safe and other parts of rods can't be damaged. It can be used for all split rods, both two- and three-piece, but also good for feeder rods. The package contains two bands: 18 x 4 cm and 18 x 6.3 cm. For Mivardi Jan Prchlik


Bagpack CamoCODE Cube - NEWS 2020

29. 01. 20 | Category: Reports | Number of comments (0)

Very spacious backpack for every fisherman. The backpack can really accommodate all things of a demanding fisherman. What I really like about this backpack at first sight is its opening main pocket. The backpack placed on its back can be opened as a suitcase. For me very interesting product for a really good price. Radek Šimak


Under the bank - Lukáš Nedělka - MIVARDI CZ

28. 01. 20 | Category: Reports | Number of comments (0)

I usually throw my rigs far, but this time I made an exception and placed one rod under the bank. I used boilies Natural Concept Sea and Pop Up Sea under the hook. I put Pva with four boilies to the hook. After a long fight, I pick up a beautiful blazer. I wish you good luck by the water. For Mivardi, Lukas Nedelka


Vítek Novák a Denis Poláček - Grasscarp

08. 01. 20 | Category: Reports | Number of comments (0)

The summer was in the middle of time , so we decided to go fishing. Our plan was try to catch some grasscarp. We arrived at the water where there is a lot of these fish because there is a lot of aquatic vegetation. During the summer there is a ban on feeding and so we had to fishing without it. We caught with two rods at the bottom of the corn and two rods with the ZigRig.


Junior carper - Eliška Havelková - MIVARDI CZ

25. 12. 19 | Category: Reports | Number of comments (0)

As every year I went to the water for 3 days in early September. The next night I get a bite. After a beautiful fight, I put the carp on the mat. I caught carp on two 20mm B17 boilies. I used hook AS in size 5 and braid Skinline 15lb. Thank you very much to Honza Prchlík who helped me at the beginning of this trip. For Mivardi PROMO team, Eliska Havelkova



15. 12. 19 | Category: Reports | Number of comments (0)

I had time, so I was go back to the water again. A moment after casting, I get a bite that is complemented by a second bite. Two smaller fish in the landing net. That's really good ! But for next 3 hours I haven't got any fish. I change my bait. I used a 24mm Easy Catch Garlic under the hook. I caught a carp weighing 15Kg! It can be seen that the M-point WG hooks work great. For Mivardi promo team ONDRA "Tycak" TYČ



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