Back by the water - Ondra Pokorný - MIVARDI CZ

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Less than a week has passed since my last successful fish, and I settled down by the river again. Due to heavy rain, the flow rose again. Despite the unfavorable influences created by the power plants, which are going at full speed this year and are constantly moving water, I must admit that I have succeeded. During the short session, I managed to catch one decent fish, and even here, one ball on the bottom measuring 24 mm worked best for me. As feeding I use Sea and Crab in a ratio of 1: 3. If it works, I see no reason to change it.And what about you, what works most for you? For the Mivardi team Ondra Pokorný


Elbe veteran - Ondra Pokorný - MIVARDI CZ

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The next day I return to the water again and again. Everything is the same, I don't change anything and the rods are already in the water at seven in the evening. Less than two hours of waiting passed and the winches reported my ride. The moment I lifted the rod, strong pressure and weight from the other end of the rod passed through my hands. This bullet has decided not to give it to me for free. She writhed and tried to run, but in the end I was the winner. As I pulled it out and peered into the landing net, a huge Elbe veteran gleamed in the moonlight, grabbing a Sea Balt. I must admit that I can rely on this bait, this year it brought me a lot of big and beautiful fish. I definitely recommend trying it. For the Mivardi team Ondra Pokorný


Jan Jílek – MIVARDI CZ – Baits in the storm

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Greetings to all polite anglers, in mid-August, my friend and I went on a 10-day expedition at a nearby lake, where I hadn't been fishing in many years. Immediately upon arrival, a storm began, which accompanied me for four days of fishing, but those were the only days I caught something. The first day I didn't get the bite, so I just mapped the bottom of the lake and the places where I would catch. I fed the fishes a mix of Carp Goulash and Pineapple in diameters of 20and 24 mm.


Jan Jílek – new photos – Taška CamoCODE Large

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Prostorná přepravní taška v atraktivním designu série CamoCODE. Je vyrobena z nepromokavého, pevného a omyvatelného materiálu, který zajišťuje velkou nosnost a dlouhou životnost. Velmi prostorné kapsy pojmou řadu drobného materiálu. This product is a TOP product for modern carp fishing!


Morning carousel - Ondra Pokorný - MIVARDI CZ

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The next morning it spun nicely and I took a shot every hour, it was all fish around 8 kg, but one bigger got tangled there. The long coot, which was the largest of all the morning shots. After a month of fasting, it was a great catch and I will definitely return to that place. Ondra Pokorný's team for Mivardi


Back to the saddle - Ondra Pokorný - MIVARDI CZ

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Thanks to a very productive expedition, which I ended up with a beautiful fish. This fish kicked me back in the saddle and I head to the water again, but only for short sessions that last a maximum of 12 hours. To increase my chances, I go to places I know well and I've already caught some carp from. I get to the water around seven o'clock and the first baits fly into the water. The flow has risen a bit, but it doesn't matter at all, it's better in that place, when it flows more, the fish then hide here.


Hardcore scale 54kg - Tunka Jiří - MIVARDI CZ

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Every fisherman's gear should not lack scales. I used various scales, both analog up to 20 kg and digital. At an inopportune moment, the lights on my digital scale ran out or the analog flashed on my bigger fish. That's why I chose the Mivardi Hardcore 54kg scale. This massive scale comes with a practical padded anti-scratch case. Due to its robustness, it weighs a kilo with the packaging. It has a very easy to read and clear dial with a diameter of 17cm with a scale in kilograms and pounds. The advantage of this scale is not only its load capacity, but also its equipment.


Bobrman - MIVARDI CZ - Carp baits RAPID

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When there is time, I always try to make my baits as attractive as possible, both with the help of PVA, tape or stockings, and with the help of adjusting boilies, even by trimming, when the boilies are then properly "worn" for the fish and " abandoned ". I also like to use boilies with a disturbed structure in Aminoliquid in the winter, or of course we use our very attractive pellets. Turbo is the fastest of them and I always just put it in my mixes, Sweet corn, Easy Catch and Extreme are then a necessary accessory! Thanks to that, fishing is not only fun!


Dominik Havlina - Rapid Champion - MIVARDI CZ

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This season, I thoroughly tested all three types of boilies from the RAPID Champion Platinum series in various sizes, running and still waters. From Liver, which I used mainly at a time when the fish were careful, through B17 in moments when I had to select and I had a high percentage of bites from smaller carp. Only after using SEA, which is a regular and especially in the warm season, it completely excels. Each of the products of our top line of RAPID boilies can be completely trusted, it is attractive with high resistance to white fish attack.



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