Austria – Pavel Krejčí – MIVARDI CZ

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I am slightly nervous in the last evening in Austria. I throw all my rods and go to bed. I get a brutal shot in the morning. I successfully led the carp into the landing net. The weight of the fish was 20.14 kg. Carp took the bait Natural Concept B17 with the pop-up Devill Squid. Mivardi team


First Challenge - Denis polášek and Vítek Novák - MIVARDI CZ

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We wanted to try something different, so we decided that we would not choose water and baits, but that fate would decide. We allot a water with lots of mudd, where we caught barely twice in our lives. For feeding a destiny gave us boilies Sea. Our finish line was carp over a 10 kilo. We arrived in the evening, quickly cast and unpacked the bivouac in the dark. An hour and a half after casting, I get a bite and I carp caught carp with a weight of 13.6 kg. Oh amazing! In the morning I caught another, slightly smaller fish.


When you are going your way - Bobrman - MIVARDI CZ

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And I just messed with the 2x24mm SEA. To me, it was so far from the hook, but it worked great! This fish, it is a gem for me, I have caught twice, this is our third meeting and I always like to see it, it is a uniquely built fish. She lost a lot now, but I believe she'll feed up a lot by the fall. She checked a new G50 MK2 FC rod pretty hard! Although I mostly hunt alone, with this group is always a great experience! Successful hunting to all of you! Pavel Bobrman Vohralik



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Hi Mivardi guys, my next expedition took place in early June. I had two fishing days ahead of me. I chose a place I had never fished before. During this trip I successfully got a total of seven fish into the landing net, two of which looked in front of the lens. Successful lure was one 24 mm ball Natural Concept Crazy Liver and Sea. I wish everyone a wonderful experience by the water. FOR MIVARDI CZ - KREJČA


Beautiful mirror carp - Bobrman - MIVARDI CZ

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Sometimes it works, but it costs a little effort. At the place where I fed in advance with particle I had a much bites. At home I prepared the assembly for one 20mm SEA ball. But the smaller carps said they just liked my place. The time has come to solve the matter radically and I used there 2x24mm and at a really great distance from the hook! This beautiful mirror carp was a sweet reward! All beautiful days and good luck! Pavel "Bobrman" Vohralik



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Summer is for me a period that I strictly devote to my four-legged friends, because we have a racing season in full swing. But when you work in a fishing company with baits and water reports of other fisherman, it's not easy to endure and I had to make an exception. I went out for a few hours with new teammates, and for me was waiting nice surprise, because I caught a nice fish. A classic shot when you are about to leave and it beeps! In a nice summer rain, I enjoyed a great scraper when my knees were shaking with fear as we led each other along the shore. The carp took up the 24mm Sea, in the space where I fed the same flavor. Have a nice day by the water. Dena


Týna Míková - MIVARDI CZ - CamoCODE dining bag review

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Dining bag is one of the basic equipment of every fisherman for longer trips to the water. To meet certain requirements, everyone certainly has their objective requirements. The dining bag from the CamoCODE range impressed me at first glance and at the moment we must not miss it in our fishing equipment. Let's take a closer look at it. Size -Dining bag CamoCODE is very spacious and has very suitable dimensions of 47cm in width, 25cm in height and 30cm in depth. The height is adjusted so that the bag fits comfortably under the bedchair.


Jan Prchlík - MIVARDI CZ - Grasscarp!

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The grass carp hunting, the expedition where the grass carp was supposed to be the of my effort was very successful! I tried both the coastal parts of still water and the deeper parts. This time I chose boilies RAPID EASY CATCH supplemented with a larger amount of particles and also floating boilies RAPID REFLEX. A series of really beautifully built fish, great old mirror carp, a huge scaly carp and two grass carp. I lost the one bigger grass carp. On this walk, I was doing video shooting, which has recently become my great hobby! I keep my fingers crossed for you, MIVARDI fans! Jan Prchlík


Failed start - Ondra Pokorný - MIVARDI CZ

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I had been honestly feeding my fishing place for some time, but since I found my place full, I was forced to go elsewhere. The position I chose was in a bend where the water excavated the river bed and there was a depth of about 5 meters. At the depth I put both rigs and backfill them with three pounds of boilie B17.I did not invent anything under the hook and set the B17 boilie with Reflective Pop-up Garlic on both rods. For three days I commuted to the place with a desire to pull out a nice fish. The last day I did it and I could enjoy the beautiful dark cammon carp. It is not said in vain that perseverance pays off. Ondra Pokorný.



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