MIVARDI lines - CARBON FEEDER - great solution

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A premium level line for feeder fishing specialists. Characterized by high abrasion resistance of the fluorocarbon and the high tensile strength in low diameters. A dark colour line allows for simplified marking of the line to indicate the casting distance.


MIVARDI Polska - Jacek - krásný zimní úlovek !

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Jacek uspěl na tradiční zimní jistotu boilies B17 z řady Champion Platinum a pop-up RAPID Reflex Monster Crab. B17 je netradičně postavené boilies představuje skutečně těžký kalibr pro vaše rybářské výpravy. Základ tvoří nejkvalitnější rybí moučky, doplnění výraznou porcí krillu a krevet. Chuť je zpočátku velmi sladká a následně přichází v silně pálivou. Intenzivní aroma mořských komponent a kořeněných výtažků je dokresleno mírným nádechem ovocného mixu vybraných bobulovin. Tato nástraha během ročního testování na nejrůznějších lokalitách překonala veškerá očekávání. Výborné výsledky dává celoročně včetně brzkého jara.


Mivardi POLSKA - PAULINA - Beautiful pineapple catches

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Beautiful woman and beautiful catches! The MIVARDI POLSKA team was really successful this year! It's no coincidence, with our neighbours, our boilies have a growing base of users, fishermen, big carp hunters. I have published Paulina this year and introduced you to the fishermen.


Deni Safarova - MIVARDI ČR - Autumn hunting

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When that beautiful autumn came, my favourite season of the year, I set out for new water, where I have not caught yet. I chose a place to throw a feed mixture. The first two days of capture were unimportant. But then the fish began to appear in my feed compartment and I eventually captured it. In terms of size, no large ones were caught.


Great combination of baits - Jan Prchlík - consultant MIVARDI

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Favorite combination: Rapid Hard Balls Champion Platinum B17 + Rapid Boilies Mix Chapmion Platim SEA. These specially hardened hook baits are based on the same mixes as our standard boilies but designed to stay hard for a much longer period in the water, particularly useful when they are lots of nuisance fish around.


MIVARDI CR - Ondra Pokorny - "Hardballska" on the sandpit

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Almost three months after I was unsuccessful, I decided to cross the Elbe river to the surrounding sandpits. The first event was directed at the sandpit connected with Lab, where I hoped they could fish. As usual, the day before, mapping and baiting took place. The place was quiet and the bottom a bit ragged. The feed that was used consisted of 3kg of the Monster Crab.


Landing net Executive MK2 100 x 100 cm + landing net handle - our tip - photo documentation

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High-quality landing net with a robust construction and fish friendly quick-drying mesh. The milling center block and the stainless steel spigot joints of the arms guarantee uncompromising quality and durability. This landing net surpasses the excellent stiffness of the carbon arms and the two-section reinforced carbon handle. All this while maintaining a low weight.


Bivvy light Professional RC - Christmas 2018 - our tip...!

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An extremely handy and powerful hanging style bivvy light, powered by built in lithium batteries, with a maximum output 1.5 W and a maximum brightness of 150 lm. There are several lighting modes in both white and red, all accessed via the remote control.


Míša Nedělková - MIVARDI ČR - summer short tour

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Temperatures that last days are not ideal for carp fishing. In spite of that, we went out with a friend on a long weekend to the water. We chose the shallow part where the location of the carp was here and there. We took it as a relaxing weekend after long business days.



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