Yohan - MIVARDI FRANCE – Fast fishing with family for 24 hours

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We already has received some nice news from the country of the Gallic Rooster last year. This year the first, but again beautiful fish, a great mirror with a raelly special scales. B17 from our very good mix - that was the basis of a successful fishing expedition! In action was too Method mix Rapid EXCELENT and MIVARDI halibut pellets. Thank you very much for posting and we are looking forward to the next news!


Jaromír Dufek – MIVARDI CZ – Spring

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Hi, I'm reporting from the water for the first time this year. Finally, after the working at the spring fishing shows, I could begin to implement the plans of early spring fishing. The first choice was a relatively large and complex standing site. For two weeks, I had been irregularly pre-feeding with a selection of a mixture of particles, pellets and boilies from 3-15 meters from the shore. The first three walks were in the spirit of bites from smaller carp or bream.


Mivardi DEUTSCHLAND - Saša Spammer - Cold days...

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The member of our team Saša Spammer spent a little time of fishing close to the end of the year. It was close before our first german expo in Wallau, but he made that fishing very productive. Beautifull caught carps in that cold days, which is documented by the enclosed photos. He took for a help CRAZY LIVER of the RAPID CHAMPION PLATINUM, PVA with pelets and liquid food liver. Great congratulation to Germany. MIVARDI


Manuel Corana - Mivardi Italia - A great start to the season!

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A truly luxurious first walk on the lake! A beautiful carp with unusual scales for a start and the second catch of the Italian fisher was definitely worth it! A great carp and again in use was RAPID EXCELLENT with Monster Crab flavouring and REFLEX Magic Fruit and CRAZY Liver pop ups! For the beginning of March, when the water was still very cold, this line in bait was absolutely ideal. Hunting for a snowman was a good choice! Just keep going for another perfect catch! Mivardi Italia has begun the season successfully!


Tomáš Skála - MIVARDI CZ - First successful walk

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Even though the water was running over the winter regularly at least for daily walks, unfortunately, I was unable to locate the fish and therefore to fish. The situation changed after the ice melted, when I went to the water for two nights and hoped for at least some shot. It was just the second day before the morning and the first fish was a beautiful shield in winter colours with a weight of 16.50 kg.


Monster Crab MIVARDI - Excellent, Reflex, Flavours

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A good series of Mivardi products for your carpfishing. Monster crab has top results! Monster Crab: Attractive news with the intensive, stable and very specific Monster Crab flavour. Similar to the other types of our boilies this essence has been exclusively made for the Rapid family in the UK. Together with the carefully made mix from the fish meals, soluble proteins and extruded ingredients it makes really effective bait. This boilie works well from spring to the autumn even without the strong pre-baiting.


MIVARDI HARDCORE scales 27 / 54 kg

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Large analog scales with an exclusive design. An easily readable dial face shows the weight in kg and lb units. The manual tare function is standard.


Chair CamoCODE Quattro - NEWS 2019

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A luxurious version of our best-selling Comfort Quattro armchair with an ultra-comfortable fleece mattress in the modern CamoCODE design. It uses the popular and completely reliable system of folding the backrest when lifting the armrests. It is built on an extremely light and rigid aluminium frame with a load capacity of 160kg. The armchair features new developed mud feet and new leg locks in the unique Mivardi design. Four self-opening telescopic legs can be easily controlled by short pressing the lock lever.



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A luxurious series of carp rods with an extremely slim but very powerful blank. They feature low weight, great handling and superb action of the blank. They are designed for fishing at short distances, stalking, urban fishing, etc.. They are also suitable for fishing or playing the fish from the boat. Due to the short transport length they are easy to carry. The handle is made from the highest quality cork and fitted with FUJI reel seat. The 3K cross woven carbon surface perfectly fits the style of this rod. Of course the high quality SIC Ultralight guides are used as well.



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