28 kg autumn carp with Robin!

09. 10. 15


In the first week of September I fished in a lake I call Igelsee , I named it Igelsee because of the hundreds of Igels ( Hedgehogs ) that live around the see that can be seen at nightfall in search of food.

I had reserved place 10 for a week and when I arrived the weather was around 35 ° C and was set to be at that level until around 4 days later , When a huge barometric (1018 to 993) and temperature drop to 25 °C would occur.

The first four days were indeed extremely hard , no fish gracing my net , on the 5th day the first day of moderate temperatures I had a blistering run on my left hand rod position 30m out on a gravel shelf , the fish fought like a tiger and once I drew the fish over the net I knew it was a good fish weighing over 20kg , Indeed the fish weighed in at 24kg , a dark chestnut coloured mirror carp , that fell for a combination of Devil squid 24mm boilie and Sea Pop up , glugged in Sea amino liquid.


The rig was a stiff hinged rig using Mivardi Fluoro-carbon for the boom section and Mivardi Camo Braid for the hook length.

The next day I repositioned my baits and p.v.a bags containing 24mm Devil squid boilies into a bay containing lilly pads 20 meters to my right , and later that afternoon I had a belting run on my right hand rod , the fish stayed deep , this is indicative of a large fish , finally after an immense battle I netted this fish , I knew immediately it was a very good fish as it was hard to fit the fish into a 42 inch landing net.


I weighed the fish and it went 28kg on the button , I was elated to say the least. The fish again was caught on 24mm devil squid boilie with Sea Pop up and a hinged stiff rig. I later lost two fish the following night , one I am convinced was the largest common Carp in Austria , however I will try my best to land that fish next year in the Autumn.


Again the brilliant devil squid makes the difference between success and failure.

Robin Reynolds





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