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05. 01. 21


Every fisherman's gear should not lack scales. I used various scales, both analog up to 20 kg and digital. At an inopportune moment, the lights on my digital scale ran out or the analog flashed on my bigger fish. That's why I chose the Mivardi Hardcore 54kg scale. This massive scale comes with a practical padded anti-scratch case. Due to its robustness, it weighs a kilo with the packaging. It has a very easy to read and clear dial with a diameter of 17cm with a scale in kilograms and pounds. The advantage of this scale is not only its load capacity, but also its equipment.

Hardcore Scale 54kg

The scale is equipped with a large 6cm x 4.5cm eye for hanging on the Professional weighing stand, but it also holds well in the hands. Another advantage is the large hook 9 cm long and 7.5 cm wide on which you can comfortably hang any weigh slings from. The eye and hook are made of stainless steel. For me, the biggest advantage of this scale is the large zero wheel (2.4 cm). At the beginning of the expedition, I reset the weight with a wet sling, which eliminates the need to count down kilograms after each weighing of the fish. The Hardcore 54kg weight from Mivardi must not be missing in my equipment every time I go to the water. From my experience, I highly recommend it to everyone.

For Mivardi Team Jiří Tunka.








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