Jan Jílek – MIVARDI CZ – Baits in the storm

15. 02. 21


Greetings to all polite anglers, in mid-August, my friend and I went on a 10-day expedition at a nearby lake, where I hadn't been fishing in many years. Immediately upon arrival, a storm began, which accompanied me for four days of fishing, but those were the only days I caught something. The first day I didn't get the bite, so I just mapped the bottom of the lake and the places where I would catch. I fed the fishes a mix of Carp Goulash and Pineapple in diameters of 20and 24 mm.


It was clear that the change in weather helped, because local fishermen told me that no carp was caught here for several days and as soon as the storm started, I had the bites in the biggest rain in the morning and in the evening for three days on the Natural Concept SEA snowman with the Pineapple N.BA pop-up. Finally I caught ten carps and four of them were over ten kilos. The rest of the days, when it was sunny again, all the fish activity stopped, in the end I was without a bite for five days until the last morning. When it started to rain again, I caught another mirror carp from eighty series. In the morning I packed up the camp and set out on my way home. The expedition was very successful for me and I will be happy to return here again.

For Mivardi with regards Honza "Johnny" Jílek







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