Jan Jílek – MIVARDI PROMO CZ – Good start!

20. 08. 20


It was a four day adventure that took place in a near lake. My two friends were already waiting for me there. It was my first time fishing in this location, so I had to vary my technique based on the information and knowledge of others, that were proven to work. I was fishing near the edge, there was a lot of snags at the spot I was fishing at, so I had to overthrow it otherwise I would stand no chance of catching anything.

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I only fed a handful of Multimix boilies mixed with Natural Concept B-17 and Sea boilies the night before dark. The first 3 days were without a success and I had to hope that the last night would bring me a catch. I set up 24mm Natural Concept Sea boilie + 18mm Rapid pop up Pineapple + N.BA… At about ten o'clock I went to bed with the decreasing temperature and I woke up at 11:15p.m. by two beeps that I did not pay much attention to. I had a look at the swingers if there was something going on, and after a few moments of complete silence I closed my eyes yet again… And then it started. The fish pulled on the line and went for a brutal run. I quickly rushed out of my sleeping bag, I woke up my friend and hooked the fish. After about twenty minutes, a giant and long orange mirror carp showed up about 30 meters in front of us. My friend and I were looking at eachother in complete disbelief, hoping that the fish would not fall. My dream that I never thought I would reach came true. We quickly weighted, measured and  photographed the carp and we got slightly under 10 kilograms and 91 centimeters.We released the carp to the water and went back to bed. There was no action the day after, so we packed our stuff and went back home with giant smiles on our faces.








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