MIVARDI CR - Ondra Pokorny - "Hardballska" on the sandpit

23. 12. 18


Almost three months after I was unsuccessful, I decided to cross the Elbe river to the surrounding sandpits. The first event was directed at the sandpit connected with Lab, where I hoped they could fish. As usual, the day before, mapping and baiting took place. The place was quiet and the bottom a bit ragged. The feed that was used consisted of 3kg of the Monster Crab.

The following day he was thrown back to work. During the first day, I managed to catch a beautiful 12kg+ carp, which finally broke my three month's bad luck. Even today, no chance has come. The next day the place was occupied, so there was nothing but to try happiness. It was not such a good fortune on the new spot that I made, but I did not leave without the fish. After a few failures, two smaller carp around 8/9kg hit the spreader block. Baits used on this trip, HardBalls Crazy Liver + Reflective pop-up Pineapple N.B.A. For the next week, I planned an event for another sandpit, but it was sometimes the other time.


Ondra Pokorný








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