Spring Carpfishing in Austria

07. 05. 15


At the beginning of April 2015 I had a weeks visit planned at Fzz See in Lebring Austria. I had reserved place one due to the success I had in previous years in early Spring on this peg. For this trip I was lucky enough to be testing the New Crazy liver Boilies from Mivardi. These Boilies are a new unique blend of fresh pork liver , powder and liquid liver concentrates and other proprietary ingredients.

Once I arrived at the lake I setup my equipment , I had found out that the fishing was slow and the coincided with a high pressure front.

I setup my camp and tackle. This year I was to try a new rig , my adaptation of the hinged stiff rig , with a shocker lead placed on the boom section. This gives the fish the room to move 200 mm but then the lead hits the stop , so its a confidence rig with a bolt effect , I renamed the rig the hinged stiff shocker rig. The rig consists of a section of stiff  fluorocarbon , or a boom , this keeps the boilie from wrapping in the lead ,and guarantees the lead and bait are not next to each other , the hook length section of the rig are also made from stiff fluorocarbon , the principle is that the small hinged stiff hook length gets jammed in the  carps mouth and is difficult to spit out.


I tackled all three rods up with Crazy Liver 15mm Boilies and small pop ups in a snowman fashion. The second night I had a screaming run and a 15kg fish graced the net. The third day around noon I landed a 13kg fish , all around people were reporting no catches.


On the penultimate morning I landed a beautiful dark chestnut coloured mirror weighing in at around 17kg. I am convinced that the Mivardi Crazy liver is a both nutritional and exceptional bait that can catch carp when other baits fail as during that week all other anglers on the lake blanked.

Robin Reynolds





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