Spring carps with Robin

21. 06. 14


In May of this year I decided to fish Fzz see in Lebring Austria. Upon arrival it was found that the fish were becoming hard to capture and perhaps were in the ritual of spawning. The fish that were being caught were all small fish circa 2 to 8 kg indicating that it was a good assumption the larger fish were pretty occupied with spawning . I had place 4, the only place that was empty for the week. Early on in the week I lost a small fish at the net and lost two other fish at range. I tried various methods during the week to entice the fish including , floating baits , zigs but nothing was enticing the fish to feed.

I decided that I would make a small change with my bait , I made up a mix of tiger nuts , diced peanuts , chopped devil squid boilies and robin red powder and soaked all the the mixture in lemon juice to hopefully change the PH level of the bait and entice a fish to feed.


As hookbait I opted for 20mm devil squid glugged in lemon juice. I set out my rigs and bait and within an hour I had a screaming run on my middle rod. The fish did not fight particularly well until it got to the net , but once near the net it provided a hand full and I felt that I was extremely lucky to capture the fish after it all most made it into the marginal snags on various occasions. Once in the net the fish was weighed and was a beautiful 24 kg common carp.


I was elated to say the least and yet again Devil squid from Mivardi proved the difference between a blank and success , a very fine line.

Tight lines

Robin Reynolds





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